Connecticut Underground 1992-2005

Connecticut is fertile ground for hip hop, but it can be hard to find. Like many other regional scenes across the country the state hasn’t gotten much attention nationally. This compilation will definitely give you a good look into the underground there. You’ll hear from a few ‘well known’ names like Lonnie O, Stezo and Bas Blasta but pay attention to some of the others whose work is really obscure. For example ‘The Apacalypse’ by ‘Seven Angels’ is a rare banger with some serious replay value. Track 2 by Lonnie O has me hooked liked crack. His (1st ?) single from 1992 ‘Dream On’ is probably more common, but I dig the ’94 flavor better.

If you’re a fan of the New Haven crew Hyperdermic Needlz, check out track 13. This is from a cassingle of mine. I believe it’s a tape-only track. The vinyl 12″ ‘Always bw/Word Up’ does not feature ‘Almost Gone’. The cassette version is also put out by ‘Cook Rock Records’ but isn’t listed on discogs. If anyone out there can provide some background on the tape release it’d be nice to find out more. In the meantime, here’s a link and the tracklist to the 1st of several underground compilations representing Ct.


01 (3:45) Spectrum Live – Fifty Grand 1997
02 (5:11) Lonnie O – It’s Like That 1994
03 (3:51) Stezo – Tension Off The Chest 1995
04 (4:36) Dahru – My Home 1997
05 (4:27) Connecticut Kartel – C.k. State Of Mind 1997
06 (3:00) Millionz – 97 Mentality
07 (2:00) Mic Profit – Young James Bond 2005
08 (4:15) House of Reps – Grey Skies 2000
09 (5:10) Inna Citi – Project Shit 2000
10 (4:35) The Unit – Life Is Trouble 1998
11 (5:05) Foundation Clique – Things Ain’t Easy 1996
12 (4:44) Russ Bee – Flavors From The Hill (Hill Remix) 1994
13 (2:40) Hyperdermic Needlez – Almost Gone (Bonus Jack Kevorkian Solo) 1994
14 (4:24) Chis Lowe – 1 Midnight Blue 1993
15 (3:41) The Ill Pedestrians – All Out Ta Bomb 1992
16 (4:13) Ack The Brother Grimm – Chaotic Dayz 1998
17 (4:09) Bas Blasta – Aint Whatcha Do (Radio) 1994
18 (5:52) Seven Angels – The Apacalypse 1997
19 (3:39) D Vine – Say Hi To The Bad Guy 1994

The ‘The Ill Pedestrians’ cut is from a compilation called ‘The Basement Tapes’. The cd is absolutely worth picking up. Dooley O is a Connecticut producer who put out this collection of unreleased local hip hop circa 1988-1994. It should be on your cd shelf!

On another note, I wish I could detail the tracks down by city for you, but I am not 100% sure on all of them. The artists on tracks 10, 16 and 18 are from Bridgeport. Any Ct natives out there who can break down the local scenes for us by city would be cool to hear from! I hope everyone enjoys this hand-picked slice of the northeast. Leave some comments, drop some science if you’ve got that uncommon knowledge. Thanks for reading!


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