Nas & Ghostface “WR1 Remixes”

So this year I decided I was finally going to put a small dent in recording some of my vinyl. Some for the blog (see the Othorized F.A.M. & Cappadonna rips), others just for me. I should probably be saving this one for the next volume of Illegal Remixes with Step One, but I couldn’t wait. I must have bought this one in 98 or 99 from HipHopSite or Sandbox. The labels were white with no writing, no nothing (I made these “fake” labels) and the only info was the etching in the runout said WR1. Sorry about any crackles and pops, I did everything I could to clean it up. If you have any info on this white label, please let me know.

a1 Nas – If I Ruled The World (WR1 Remix)
b1 Ghostface – Daytona 500 (WR1 Remix)



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2 Responses to “Nas & Ghostface “WR1 Remixes””

  1. IKH5150 says:

    OH SHIT! I been looking for this Nas remix for 13 yrs.! I heard it on a college station back in '96 – '97. Had it on a tape till I lost it moving back in '99. Good lookin' out, this made my day.

  2. P M X says:

    thats major 😉 I can't stress enough to all my peeps here in DC/Bmore and beyond, the importance of recording/converting/archiving your vinyl to digital format… Thx for gettin it in and up blogwize!

    steve pmx/version sound * dc

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