Who Flipped It Better? More Moaning Samples

This time around we’re looking at The Five Stairsteps soul 45, “Danger, She’s A Stranger.”

After the nice 12 second bass intro, is a pretty addictive moaning/singing type sample.

Then, some dope horns drop in the mix, then flutes.
This is a pretty great soul 45 to pick up, if you see it.

Five Stairsteps – Danger, She’s A Stranger

And now for a bunch of tracks that flip it, chop it, and interpret it in their own way.
Surprisingly to me, Everlast’s song makes the most out of the samples, but Blackstract has
probably my favorite song on this list with “I Stole Your Girl”. Strangely, for a crew that only
released 3 records, they use the same sample again on “Diary Of A Mad MC”, which is nowhere
near the caliber of their other selection, to me.
The most known joint here is nice, too, Two Dope Boyz (In Cadillacs), but probably the most
Blackstract – I Stole Your Girl
Everlast – On The Edge
Outkast – Two Dope Boyz (In A Cadillac)
Wu-Syndicate – Golden Sands
The Candy Store – Escape From Belize
Cooly Live – All Possibilities
Cookie Crew – Fade To Black
Blackstract – Diary Of A Mad MC
Give each track a listen and list your favorites in the comments. Feel free to explain your choice or not.

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10 Responses to “Who Flipped It Better? More Moaning Samples”

  1. Hi Stakes says:

    I'm favoring the simplicity of the OutKast and Wu Syndicate productions. I mean, you can add fx, flanging and all that, but Organized Noize puts the music out there b/c the Stairsteps 45 is just that incredibly dope on its own. I feel like the Everlast joint was out-of-tune with the keys, even tho the horns are nice… Thanks Verge for keeping TROY dusty!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cooly Live…'92 Flava

  3. Freaky-L AKA Grimee Rappuh says:

    wu syndicate also ''young brothas''

  4. Anonymous says:

    this selection misses my fav version.

    here ya'll go:


  5. Jaz says:

    Defintely Outkast, there was also another record from NYC that sampled it as well, but I forget the artists sorry Verge, Left something?

  6. Jaz says:

    ahhh Lifty & Crimes aka Candy Store-Escape From Belize was what I was thinking about.

  7. Strategy says:

    Dope post with nice lil collection here. As far as "flippin' it" I think "Diary of a Mad MC", I'm partial to the Candy Store joint. Its just a simple loop but it takes me back to a different time when I used to run that 12" a lot.

  8. T.R.O.Y. says:

    The audience needed Who Flipped It Better post.
    Great post btw, Verge.
    I can't make my choice and pick one track i like, but i can tell you 2 track i don't feel at all, Everlast and Wu Syndicate, rest are pretty much great.


  9. Tek says:

    Wu Syndicate flipped it on Young Brother too
    Dope piece.

  10. restless_43 says:

    haha.. yea how does your brain not 'instaclick' to the Outkast track? i think its pretty cemented for most people 🙂

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