Best Album Cuts Compilation Challenge: Links #3

If you’re a member of the T.R.O.Y. forum then it’s impossible for you not to have known about our little Best Album Cut Compilation Challenge. We narrowed it down to 16 finalists and for the next few days we’ll be posting their mixes, along with some of the other contestants who didn’t make the cut. We strongly encourage you to check out all the options and then vote for your favorite mix. You don’t have to be registered to the forum in order to vote. –Philaflava

Best Album Cuts Compilation Challenge (B.A.C.C.)

Links #3

1. Fuck What Ya Heard 4:12 Trends Of Culture
2. Sonset 6:00 Ras Kass
3. Bring It On 3:17 Organized Konfusion
4. Mad M.F.’s 3:33 Rumpletilskinz
5. All Black 4:21 Big L
6. Dog’s Gonna Getcha 3:03 Tim Dog
7. Hazardous 5:05 Godfather Don
8. Abandoned In Da Streetz 3:40 Da Homlez
9. Runaway Slave 4:50 Showbiz & A.G.
10. Can-U-Feel-Me? 3:50 Saafir
11. Can’t C Me 5:31 2Pac
12. Free Styler 5:17 Divine Styler
13. Ketchrek 3:36 Miilkbone
14. Loosifa 4:30 The Juggaknots
15. Niguz Talk S–T 4:21 Black Moon

01 Low Ft Richie Rich – Gangsta City Funk (1994 Texas)
02 Brothers Of Struggle – Show it (1994 Ohio)
03 Confuzn – Who’s Got Your Back (1994 Little Rock, AR)
04 By Any Means Necessary – Take It To The Maximum (1992 New Orleans,LA)
05 Da Criminal – Move On (1996 Chicago,Ill)
06 Off Tha Corna – Welcome to the Yard (1992 New Orleans,LA)
07 Taalam – Sunshine (1992 New York City)
08 Lethal T & The Outcast – Ready For The Gankin (1994 San Antonio, TX)
09 Boobie – Rollin With Lush bw In The Sticks (ft. Z Man)(1994 Ohio)
10 Bugsy – Million Dollar Game Plan (1997 Detroit,MI)
11 Wild Sniper – Addicted To A Dollar (1993 Brooklyn,NY)
12 Scratch Master Dee – Strait From The Old School (1995 Saint Louis, MO)
13 D-Town Funk – Clean This M-F Up (1992 Detroit, MI)
14 Zeek – Hallelujah (1994 Tulsa,OK)
15 MC Rodski and Dj Derezon (Young Guns) – Gangster Boogie (Unknown 1989)

01 – Chuck D – Mistachuck
02 – The Roots – The Session (Longest posse cut in history)
03 – Kool Moe Dee – It’s Alright Here
04 – Grand Daddy I.U. – Blast A New Asshole (Feat. Big Snow, Taheim, Kid Capri)
05 – Showbiz & A.G. – Represent (Feat. Big L, Deshawn, Lord Finesse)
06 – Craig G – Ummm!!!!
07 – Jamal – Keep It Live
08 – King Sun – Street Corner (Feat. Mr.Magic R.I.P.)
09 – Lord Finesse – Kicking Flavor With My Man (Feat. Percee P)
10 – Main One – Birth Of The Ghetto Child
11 – Master Ace – The Other Side Of Town
12 – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Carmel City
13 – Busta Rhymes – Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad (feat. Jamal, Keith Murray, Lord Have Mercy, Rampage The Last Boy Scout & Redman)
14 – Da King & I – Mr. All That
15 – Tall Dark & Handsome – Tall Dark & Handsome

01. This Is What You Came Here For – Kid Capri
02. Let’s Take A Trip – Da King & I
03. Styles I Manifest – Capital Tax
04. Drama – Genius
05. Call My Name – Keith Murray
06. Line 4 Line – Cella Dwellas
07. Ain’t The Devil Happy – Jeru The Damaja
08. Just Like Dat – Special Ed
09. Graveyard Shift – Top Quality
10. We Can’t Win – AZ
11. Disk And Dat – Kwest Tha Madd Lad
12. Infamous Mobb – Big Noyd
13. Man Of My Own – Mic Geronimo
14. You Must Be Out Of Your Fuckin’ Mind – Fat Joe feat. Apache & Kool G Rap
15. They Shoulda Killed Me – Brokin English Klik

1-ADOR-Here Comes The Wreck (1994)
2-CEB-Back Up In Da Joint (1993)
3-Kirk-Stay Fresh (1994)
4-Group Home-Inna Citi Life (1995)
5-Figure Uv Speech-Next Contestant (1993)
6-Down South-Big Wheels (1994)
7-The Future Sound-Primates In Stitches (1992)
8-Yaggfu Front-Mr Hook (1994)
9-Tha Alkaholiks ft Loot Pack & Declaime-WLIX (1995)
10-Souls of Mishcief-Dirty D’s Theme (Hoe or Die) (1995)
11-Lakim Shabazz-First In Existence (1988)
12-CPO ft MC Ren-Gangster Meoldy (1990)
13-Stezo-Talkin Sense (1989)
14-Craig G-No Favors (1991)
15-Greyson & Jasun-Shammin (1991)

Frezzy Pazzy
01/ ODD SQUAD “Here to say a lil’ somethin” (1994)
02/ THE GENIUS “True fresh M.C.” (1991)
03/ CAPITAL TAX “Treetop connection” (1993)
04/ GROOVE B CHILL “Starting from zero” (1990)
05/ KING SUN “Cold new yorkin” (1990)
06/ KRISPY 3 “Back it up” (1993)
07/ LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL “A quarter to cutthroat” (1993)
08/ CHINO XL “Many different ways” (1996)
09/ MAIN ONE “El gran combo” (1995)
10/ ROUGH HOUSE SURVIVERS “So! Survivers we can rhyme” (1992)
11/ NUFF RUFFNESS “Styles come at ya” (1993)
12/ SHYHEIM “Here come the hits” (1994)
13/ THE B.U.M.S. “West coast smack” (1995)
14/ SAAFIR “Worship the D” (1994)
15/ ROYAL FLUSH “Regulate” (1997)

Jeru The Damaja – Whatever
Rakim – When I’m Flowin
Chubb Rock – The Mind
Mad Skillz – All In It
EPMD – Get With This
OC – The Crow
Royal Flush – International Currency
Organized Konfusion – Invetro
Cella Dwellas – Medina Style
The Roots – It Just Don’t Stop
Sadat X – Sauce For Birdheads
Illy Funkstaz – Gotta Get Da Cheese
OGC – God Don’t Like Ugly
Artifacts – The Interview
Alkaholiks – 21 & Under

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56 Responses to “Best Album Cuts Compilation Challenge: Links #3”

  1. PAS says:

    I think Kimanis list is the best one yet, add that one track with Pudgee & Kool G Rap from 93 and its perfect!

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