Touring The States: Orlando, FL

In a short lines, Snoop Dogg diss.
I thought this might be interesting to most of us, so finally i found this a month ago and decided to share it. This came out on Boomin’ Records.
Don’t know if you’ll find more amusement in this one rather than Disneyland but still..

Sheep Doggy DoggDoggystyle Funk (1994)

a1. I Wanna Get High
a2. We Don’t Love Dem Hoes
a3. Child Support Blues
a4. Dear Bitch
a5. Gangsta Groove
a6. House Niggas
a7. Fuck Snoop Dogg

b1. Tangueray
b2. Deep Money
b3. Get A Job Bitch
b4. Don’t Ask Me 4 Shit
b5. It’s Like This
b6. Give A Dog A Bone



— Markshot

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6 Responses to “Touring The States: Orlando, FL”

  1. KYOZAI says:

    …Featuring Def Soul and LSD

  2. T.R.O.Y. says:

    ..like the cover said

  3. KYOZAI says:

    ….I mean I try to find some info on the net but no luck!

  4. T.R.O.Y. says:

    No my man, nothing, i tried myself, but no luck.
    It's really impossible sometime to find at least small info about some artists.

    Btw, you run dope blogs, especially music thingz, which i was checking regularly, don't know when you started it, but from 2006 i think.


  5. Red Sonya says:

    I was sooo young when I recorded this album…I now go by Red Sonya and my current album YOURS TRULY is on iTunes and Amazon. KLC (mystikal’s producer) is executive producer of my new upcoming album, CODE RED, which is dropping in the Fall! 😉

  6. She now goes by the name RED SONYA and is entertaining several major label offers. Her current album YOURS TRULY is available both on iTunes & Amazon Google Play. Her current single CODE RED is produced by none other that the former lead producer of No-Limit Records legend KLC of The Medicine Men and her current subgle drom her YOURS TRULY album “Sittin On Top Of The World” can be found on Youtube.

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