Touring The States: Chicago, IL

Why or does this guy have full length album?
At first I thought this is familiar to me, but after I realized it’s not at all.
I couldn’t find out any info about Deuce.
Let’s hope Kevin Beacham will come through with some knowledge.

DeuceMy Neighborhood (1995)

01. My Neighborhood (Radio Edit)
02. My Neighborhood (Instrumental)

03. Hype Dawg Remix

04. Wha Cha Gonna Do



— Markshot

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8 Responses to “Touring The States: Chicago, IL”

  1. djbacemonk says:

    Are you sure this guy is from Chicago? Hype Dawg is from St. Louis and the guy on the cover is wearing a St. Louis Cardinals hat.

    I posted a link to this post on Hype's facebook page. Hopefully he'll come through and give us the story on Deuce.

  2. T.R.O.Y. says:

    I wasn't sure actually.
    But any info i found on the internet says Chicago, so i went with that.

    let me know if Hype Dawg responds you.


  3. verge says:

    This is a really dope one, Markshot. Thanks.
    TTS is becoming it's own phenomenon.

  4. djbacemonk says:

    St. Louis's Hype Dawg, best known for his work with Sylk Smoov, JCD and the Dawg LB and Mad Flava, confirms he did the remix on this 12". I've asked him if he has any background info on Deuce. I'll let you know what he says.

  5. djbacemonk says:

    Hypsta responded. He says Deuce was from Champaign, IL. Hype said Duece released other music but couldn't remember the names of any of the releases.

  6. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Thank you very much DJ Bace Monk.
    So i was not so far from Chicago 🙂
    Maybe he will remember one day name of those releases.


  7. djbacemonk says:

    My pleasure Markshot. I live for this obscure rap ish, particularly obscure rap with a St. Louis connection. Didn't mean to call you out on the Chicago thing. It's just that there was compelling evidence suggesting a possible discrepancy. My guess is he's from Chicago and was a student at the U of I when he made this record. Doesn't sound like he was describing a college town on "my Neighborhood," but who knows. If I ever get a chance to sit down with Hype Dawg I'll see if I can get anymore information out of him. Thanks for all you do. I love this blog.

  8. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Nah it's all good.
    Sometimes i'm not sure if some artists are from the city/state which i write.
    So i prefer that people like you point me in right direction.
    I found one nice album, want to post it, but i'm not sure where he is from, internet gave me 3 different options.
    Thanks DJ Bace Monk.


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