Def Squad "Breaker 1, Breaker 2" Uncensored

The folks at the T.R.O.Y. Forum are an industrious and proactive bunch. Recently contributor TheWool related that he was always annoyed by how the only available version of Def Squad “Breaker 1, Breaker 2” was marred by instances of editing, in this case reversed curses. Rather than sulk, he got up and did something about it, and through the magic of re-editing the world now has an uncensored version.

I’m a real fan of the Def Sqaud from around 1996. E-Doubles’ production was on that fuzzy funk tip. This track was one of my faves but I could never find it un-edited, and all the best lines were ruined by the cuts.
RedmanYou wanna get jig-da-fied, what it all means? Fuck Versace, I tote glocks in the Karl jeans…”
Keith Murray “How many ways can I say i just don’t give a fuck…”


The curses were reversed including the beats, so they had to be re-reversed to put them right. This has to be done pretty exact (beyond the ms) and can be a long painful process especially with percussion involved, otherwise there is an audible pop on the transition.

Enjoy! — Thun

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3 Responses to “Def Squad "Breaker 1, Breaker 2" Uncensored”

  1. Anonymous says:

    much appreciated

  2. rbrt_leeper aka Leeps or 4,5,6 says:

    i didnt even know this track was edited, maybe cause i jammin so hard to this track.
    this is my all-time fav. def squad track and one of my top all-time hip-hop tracks period!
    i can jam this joint all day! plus its great that yall put some light on this track that sometimes get forgotten!

  3. James says:

    Hey vatos, Can you re-up that “Breaker 1, Breaker 2″ uncesored joint? Would be appreciated.
    Gracias! J.Diaz

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