Cappadonna & Drastic Measures “Taking Drastic Measures” (1996)

“1996. Beware of bio chips.” Thanks for the advice Cappachino. Another dusty gem from my never ending Wu obsession. There’s always been something about this track I’ve enjoyed… maybe it’s the lazy, slow, Park Hill flow?

From the picture sleeve (that mine didn’t come in): “It’s Cappadonna. He ripped it on ‘Ice Water’ and ‘Ice Cream’ from Raekwon’s Only Built For Cuban Linx (Gold LP). He kicked it with Wu-Tang’s Ghost Face Killer, Masta Killer, Raekwon and U-God on the Don’t Be A Menace Soundtrack cut ‘Winter Warz.’ Also his cut ‘If It’s Alright With You’ featuring U-God was featured on The Great White Hype Soundtrack. Now Cappadonna aka Cappachino is taking drastic measures.”

Scans of side a, side b and the jacket sticker are included in the download.

01 Cappadonna & Drastic Measures-Taking Drastic Measures
02 Cappadonna & Drastic Measures-Taking Drastic Measures (Instrumental)
03 Cappadonna & Drastic Measures-Taking Drastic Measures (Cyphamix)
04 Cappadonna & Drastic Measures-Taking Drastic Measures (Cyphamix Instrumental)
05 Drastic Measures-Ain’t That What’s Her Name?



Editors Note (Philaflava): Drastic Measures was actually Lork LaRock and Wizone if I recall. It was their record but since Cappa was the main draw they marketed the single as if it was Cappas. I was never a big fan of this but that has nothing to do with Cappa. I definitely recommend anyone checking this out who hasn’t already.

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2 Responses to “Cappadonna & Drastic Measures “Taking Drastic Measures” (1996)”

  1. Da Hip-Hop Proofreada says:

    Killah Priest said "96 beware of bio-chips" !!!!

  2. dirt_dog says:

    There's a lot of history about this 12" that I wasn't even aware of.

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