East Coast 12 Inch Rarities Volume 6

This compilation is on a more mellow vibe than the east coast 12 inch volumes preceding it. I like the change of pace and I hope you do too. Favorite cuts here are numbers 2, 8 and 9. A couple geographical mistakes are generally par for the course. For instance, I think Saukrates is from Canada and Zombie Squad is a european crew. Don’t quote me on that though.

01 (4:50) Frankenstein – Frankenstein’s Pain (1993)
02 (4:00) Ill Mentality – Lovin U4 Dayz (Qbc Remix) (1994)
03 (4:56) Saukrates – Hate Runs Deep (Dirty Mix) (1995)
04 (4:21) The Prosecution – Shady (1994)
05 (2:58) Slum Brothers – Six Million MC’s (Clean) (1995)
06 (3:24) Hurricane – Comin Off (Central Coast Vibe) (1995)
07 (2:42) Heltah Skeltah – Place to Be (Clean) (1996)
08 (4:03) Akinyele & Sadat X – Loud Hangover (Dirty Mix) (1995)
09 (3:59) Redman – Blow Your Mind (LP Version) (1992)
10 (3:55) Da Dysfunkshunal Familee – New Ruff Flava (remix) (1994)
11 (3:41) Money Boss Players – Ghetto Chronicle Daily (1994)
12 (3:48) Zombie Squad – The Truth (1995)
13 (4:29) Misunderstood – One To One (Street Mix) (1995)
14 (2:50) Brooklyn Zoo – Original Brooklyn Zoo (Street Mix) (1994)
15 (5:01) Onyx – Walk In New York (Main) (1995)
16 (4:14) The Umc’s – Time To Set It Straight (LP Version) (1993)
17 (4:35) Jemini The Gifted One – Brooklyn Kids (Straight Version) (1995)


I have 125 volumes in my ‘east coast 12 inch’ series and it’ll take me awhile to get through them. If you like these collections let me know and I’ll start posting them more often, maybe several at a time. In the meantime, enjoy volume 6!


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17 Responses to “East Coast 12 Inch Rarities Volume 6”

  1. Anonymous says:

    frankenstein is also from canada and that record came out in 95


    thanks for this schenectadyfan…
    by the way, saukrates & frankenstein are from toronto, ca
    and the zombie squad is a dutch crew…

    anyway, nice compilation!

    …waitin for more east coast 12" stuff like this…

    Dj Kwestionmark, Germany

  3. Cenzi Stiles says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Love these comps… please keep 'm coming!!!

  5. Kimani17 says:

    T-Dot is East Coast, so just play it like you knew it all along.

  6. Mr. Left says:

    Much Love, keep em' coming!

  7. dochiphop says:

    keep thses comps comin… the east is in the house oh my god!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    mad respect! keep this shit comin, it needs to get out!!

  9. schenectadyfan says:

    Thanks for the comments and the info! Stay tuned, I'll post another round soon.

  10. Mad says:

    Schene, please try to fill your EAST compliations only with EAST not from CANADA 🙂 or at least ask around for info 🙂 Otherwise nice select.

  11. schenectadyfan says:

    homeboy, most of these are mixes i did years ago, and have given them to hundreds of people already. vol 6 here was done back in 2005. also, many times information on artists is not readily available. i dont bother to change geographic mistakes like that because at this point my east coast 12 inch compilations have made it to many corners of the internet and i like to keep the compilations unchanged for the sake of consistency. ie, someone who got vol 6 here should have the same track list as someone who got vol 6 in a different part of the internet back in 2005. hope that makes sense. thanks for the feedback, glad ya like the selection.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yea these are mad nice son, keep 'em comin

  13. step one says:

    some faggots are way to picky and not nearly greatful enough!
    if you dont like the way its done either download and re-tag it or dont bother at all. the shits free and all some people do is complain!

  14. SoulBrother says:

    mad nice^^ bring back that raw shit

  15. Anonymous says:

    what is the sample on the ill mentality track?


  16. gnz says:

    Megaupload is closed. Could You reupload all series (East Coast Rarities, Southern etc)?

  17. gnz says:

    Could You Reupload this? THX

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