Touring The States: Des Moines, IA

Kory D. or Kory Dee, whatever you like, coming out from Des Moines.
You can also find a second version of this album, with different artist name, “Kory Dee” and it is also enhanced, so from the obvious reasons i can say this album has re-release.
Otherwise, album i pretty much solid, having the 19 tracks, it’s 70 minutes long.
Download the album, sit back and light a blunt, and see if Kory D.’s blunt session has something similar with yours.

01. Blaze A Phillie

02. Tha I Representative
03. Ghetto Nigaz
04. Blunt Session
05. We Just Came To Smoke
06. Sucka Free
07. Just A Playa
08. The Bud Run (Skit)
09. That’s How It Iz
10. Welcome 2 My Flow
11. I’ma Get Mine
12. Wild Kids
13. Love No Hoe
14. That Niggaz
15. All Night Long
16. The Ill
17. The Store (Skit)
18. Clubhouse Funk
19. Stressed




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