The Source: January 1993 Issue

After many re-up requests at THIMK over the past year and an invite from Mr. Philaflava himself, I’ve decided to post some old Source magazines right here on the T.R.O.Y. blog. We’ve decided to kick this off with the January 1993 issue, which is the 1992 year in review. I’m not sure about many of you but mid 1991 to late 1992 was a very significant time for me while a sophomore/junior in college and music played a huge part in that. From what I read, to how I dressed, to my socio-political views, my religious beliefs, and even how I ate; I can tie them all back to a particular, artist, album or lyric from that time period. Does music still have that kind of impact today? I almost killed myself trying to find a way to get home from college every other weekend just so I could visit Sound of Market and/or Funk-O-Mart to purchase the latest album The Source had advertised or reviewed and also get their latest issue. This was back when their rating system actually meant something and when my friends I literally fought over the ratings. Just take a look at that list of the supposed best albums of that time period below:

My personal top six albums (in no order) from ’92 would be:

Redman – Whut? Thee Album (4.5 mics, November ’92 issue)

Gangstarr – A Daily Operation (3.5 mics, June ’92 issue)

Boogie Down Productions – Sex and Violence (4.5 mics, March ’92 issue)

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca & The Soul Brother (4 mics, May ’92 issue)

DiamondStunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop (4 mics, November ’92 issue)

Showbiz & A.G. – Runaway Slave (4 mics, November ’92 issue)

Enjoy the issue if you haven’t read it already. You can also read the gibberish I previously wrote about this issue here, so click that before you download it.


Source January 1993 issue

— Vincent Lopez

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13 Responses to “The Source: January 1993 Issue”

  1. slick37nick says:

    What is the decryption password?

  2. vincentlopez says:

    pw = thimk

  3. Anonymous says:

    so dope. i still own this. good looks.

  4. slick37nick says:

    Yea it does say that in the article doesnt it. duh. Thanks for the heads up

  5. rbrt_leeper aka Leeps or 4,5,6 says:

    what up vincent, i see u still makin power moves kid!!
    yo TROY yall have a gem with Vincent, his Source Collection is to what DJ Clark kent collection of AF1's. word up!
    but 1992 was just dope, i started to pay attention to hip-hop in '92, but things will start to get real in '93.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great post. Im gonna have to go and find all my old copies of The Source in the attic. It was a dope magazine back then.


    shit's unavailable. re-up please

  8. BIGSD says:

    very very interesting. i love this period of hip hop. can´t get enough from this material.
    thnx from germany

  9. verge says:

    24KGOLDSLUM…. Give it another try, it just worked for my right now.
    That happens with megaupload sometimes. Usually just wait a little, try again, and it will work.

    Great to see Vincent Lopez on here with the mag rips.

  10. m says:

    Hey nice to see another Source post. It's a lot of work to scan a magazine, thanks!

    Vincent IS ''The Source''..

    THIMK and grow rich…in consciousness!

  11. LouderThanABomb91 says:

    Thanks alot Vince

    Mecca & The Soul Brother is my pick from those albums

  12. danjlovesthe90s says:

    Yep… I still have this one myself. I must've read this one 1000 times over when it came out, lookin' at it each time like I was gonna discover some new shit. I wish they'd continued the 'top 5 lp's' thing every year, but they only did it in the '91 and '92 issues. It was interesting to see certain artist big up albums that I (for whatever reason) couldn't picture them listening to, like Too Short naming the Brand Nubian joint in the '91 issue.

    But yeah, '92 was a big year for me- I was 12/13 and was really gettin' into the music, so this issue brings back a lot of nostalgia.


  13. Jaz says:

    Thanks so much Vincent, I used to have pretty much all of these issues and you bring back dope memories of getting that call that the new The Source mag was in and reading it home on the train and then again in the weekend and whenever I picked it up haha.

    I would love the physical issues again someday but I cannot express how much time and effort you have taken to scan all of these classic issues.

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