T.R.O.Y. – Album Cut Challenge

It’s been awhile since T.R.O.Y. hosted a mixtape challenge. Join in on the fun and competition and submit your own mix of favorite album cuts. Please see rules below.

1. No albums post 1997
2. No singles, remixes or b-sides
3. No artist/group to appear more than twice on the compilation
4. No more than 15 tracks total
5. January 15th deadline

The tracks can be known, like De La’s “I Am” or Rakim “Run For Cover”
but try and be selective and put together a mix of some of your favorites. Once you’re finished you can post your mix along with tracklist in the forum or simply email us directly and we’ll post it for you. On January 16th we’ll run a poll for the best mix. Winner gets props over here!

Contribute now

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3 Responses to “T.R.O.Y. – Album Cut Challenge”

  1. Jay Groove says:

    This may seem like a silly question, but are you concerned with a mix that's properly blended, or is just having a collection of tracks good enough? I've been thinking on this exact mix for a while since I picked up on your blog a couple of months back.

    I'm glad to find kindred hiphop fans out here. You do a mighty fine job and set the bar high, my friend.

  2. Gloss says:

    No need to blend. You can if you want to but most will be doing a click and drag style compilation.

    Some will be providing tagged versions and covers. The sky is the limit but you are not required to do anything like that.

  3. Boothe says:

    Ugh…Discogs is KILLING me.

    Wanted to throw on Gangsta Gangsta, but just found out that it was a single.


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