Sounds Like The 90s (Best Of) Vol. 12

I can’t believe it but this marks the 12th edition of Sounds Like The 90s. Instead of bringing you new music this month we’re bringing you a recap of sorts. Below is a double disc compiled of the best of Sounds Like The 90s throughout this year. And to close things out it was only right we brought back Blake and Tal for the artwork.

Many of you will remember the De La Buhloone Mindstate ad featured in various Hip-hop mags in ’93. The image below is actually the real ad taken from URB when it was still a Cali-only free newspaper. The image was scanned straight from the paper and left in its current condition. Its not Sounds Like The 90s, this shit IS from the 90s.

So here is to another month of music and a nice way to close out 2009. A special thanks goes out to all the artists who have contributed, graphic designers and of course you for supporting. We’ll be continuing the SLT9s series in 2010 but for now enjoy this double fix. –Philaflava

Sounds Like The 90s (Best Of) Vol. 12

1. Prince Paul Intro

2. Cormega – Fresh feat. DJ Red Alert, PMD, Grand Puba, KRS-One & Big Daddy Kane
3. Kurious – Benneton feat. MC Serch & DOOM
4. DOOM – Gazzillion Ear
5. Raekwon – Criminology 2 feat. Ghostface Killah
6. Marco Polo & Torae – Hold Up feat. Masta Ace & Sean Price
7. Statik Selektah – Critically Acclaimed feat. Lil Fame, Saigon & Sean Price
8. Brother Ali – Best At It feat. Freeway & Joell Ortiz
9. Shawn Jackson – Feelin’ Jack
10. Open Mike Eagle – iRock
11. Musab – Get Life
12. Murs – The Science
13. Jay Electronica – Exhibit A
14. Praverb – The King
15. Superstar Quamallah – You Need Knowledge
16. Focus – Homage To Premier feat. Royce Da 5’9, Phonte & Stat Quo
17. Focus – Homage To Pete Rock feat. Rapper Pooh, Shha Stimuli & Kurupt
18. Juice Crew All-Stars – Mr. Magic Tribute


1 Cormega – Who Am I feat. AZ & Nature
2 Wu-Tang Clan – Radiant Jewels feat. Cormega & Sean Price
3 Mos Def – Auditorium feat. Slick Rick
4 Jay Electronica – Suckas
5 Nut-Ragous – NYC To LA feat. Jay Rock
6 DJ JS-1 – Ridiculous feat. OC & Pharohe Monch
7 Insight – Strategy feat. AG & EDO. G
8 Cormega – Define Yourself feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Havoc
9 BK-One – Here I Am feat. Phonte, Brother Ali & The Grouch
10 Drake – Think Good Thoughts feat. Phonte & Elzhi
11 Fashawn – Samsonite Man feat. Blu
12 Godamus Rhyme – Passin Me By 2009 feat. Stik Figa
13 Tha Connection – Take It Higher
14 Nero – Alive & Vibrant
15 Bobby Creekwater – Junkie
16 Notes To Self – Yellow & Grey (Remix) feat. Dilated Peoples
17 Finale – Heat
18 Fresh Daily – Supaspectacular!
19. Jay Electronica – Exhibit C
(Bonus Track)

Download Vol. 12

Download all 12 volumes here.

Props to Strategy for the tagged version, Blake Reznik and Tal Danan for yet another sick cover.

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20 Responses to “Sounds Like The 90s (Best Of) Vol. 12”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice thanks..

  2. TwiceDown says:

    Great series!

  3. Anonymous says:

    AC THE PD is somewhere crying

  4. djpos2?! says:


  5. AC The PD and The Real Djs Crew says:

    AC The PD is saying, this series should be called Nothing Like the 90's, and it is the most shameful, fake, wannabe project in TROY history. One or two decent tracks per volume = failure. And I declare this is factual, not opinion.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a half-a-fag, you knew it was a matter of time.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Not half-a-fag and full fag. AC is the biggest fag on the internet.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ac the pd is indeed the biggest fag on the net. go
    to most any other blog and see him begging in
    their c-boxes for a spot on their blog rolls.
    all bloggers out there, don't cater to this homo
    just cause he asks you.
    ac, leave the bloggers alone. you make them
    uncomfortable with your gayness.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This comp is really dope.

  10. AC The PD and The Real Djs Crew says:

    But when/if you see me, you won't/don't say shit to me. Cuz you're a human shade tree HipHop wannabe. If you were relative to HipHop, we'd share mutual respect.

    I declare this Sounds Like The 90's series sounds NOTHING LIKE THE 90's … one or two decent songs per volume, and if you think otherwise, it's cuz YOU AIN'T HIPHOP! Period, end of story.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Darn, I guess I aint hip-hop.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Go obsess someplace else AC, you herb, nobody gives a fuck about your worthless stuck at the hip hop shop in '92 steez. Not a good look, duke. Do us a favor, be gone.

  13. AC The PD and The Real Djs Crew says:

    I was here in 81 doin this, before you … I am here way ahead of your wack ass in 2010…. and I will be here long after you are gone …. poof!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Must suck to have a website with no people on it. A blog with no comments left. A chat box with only you talking in it. Don't you get it, you are a faggot. Nobody likes you or cares about you or even knows you off line. You are a troll and a failed business man. Die for 2010.

  15. AC The PD and The Real Djs Crew says:

    This don't have anything to do with me, it's about what a WACK AS FCK, COMPLETELY FAKE, AND SHAMEFUL series this is, how it sounds NOTHING like the 90's, is a complete wannabe Dj sucker Dj product. If you say otherwise, you're a ten times a 'nobody offline' and a cancer to HipHop online and off. TROY does some good shit (some internet nerds cheat well), but this is not a good example of the good shit. This series proves that Gloss is both fake and homosexual!

  16. Anonymous says:

    ^anonymous- Good words of advise that AC should take. Nobody hates you, AC. But try to
    take this guy's advice.

    And about this series:
    Even if you don't like it, or think there's only a couple of joints on each that are TROY worthy, this one is a "best of". And I can't see you not respecting at least half of the music on this one.

    Ehh, whatever, I'm wasting my time, I know this.

    I would definitely like to hear more from that "Nero" kid. That beat has been stuck in my head for three days, now. Homeboys got some real potential.

    Good work on on putting these all together. I know it's far from an easy task.

  17. Anonymous says:

    translation: "Even if you are right about Sounds Nothing Like the 90s AC, please stop reminding us how we are such suckers for ever trying to diss you on phulafaags"

  18. schenectadyfan says:

    You insecure cynics who replied here did so only for the sake of self aggrandizement and added nothing of value to the conversation. If you do not have anything better to do than ride coat tails and whine that's not our problem. Go away. Period. Thank you.


  19. AC The PD and The Real Djs Crew says:

    I just listened to volume 12 and it was as bad as all of the other volumes. Whoever is responsible for putting these together should just kill themselves, for real!

  20. Anonymous says:

    You listened to all 12 volumes? Thats like an entire day spent on us. Thanks for being a fan.

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