Zigg Zagg? (Priority, 1994)

No, not the pasty, sickly looking broad who is associated with Brother Lynch Hung.
This is a group that was signed to Priority Records in 1994. Two of their tracks appeared on Priority samplers around that time with promises of a forthcoming LP titled Touch The Sun that never saw the light of day (no pun intended).
Kevin Beacham was kind enough to upload the two cuts “All In Your Mind” and “On and On” into a single file for your convenience: http://rapidshare.com/files/308152807/Zigg_Zagg.zip
You can preview these tracks via YouTube. You will notice that these songs are both really dope, with hard production and nimble rhyming reminiscent of something DJ Mark the 45 King might’ve been involved with – but there really is little to no information about the group or its music anywhere.
If you have any information on the group or the shelved LP, hit us up!

— Thun

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3 Responses to “Zigg Zagg? (Priority, 1994)”

  1. Jaz says:

    Sounds good, big ups to Kevin Beacham and Thun

  2. infektosoul says:

    nice one =)

  3. I have to take responsibility for these tracks. I produced the full album, Touch The Sun, for the solo artist Zigg-Zagg. The project was to be release on Priority Records in 1994, but some last minute complications resulted in the project getting shelved. We recorded the whole album out of Columbia, SC. He and I, along with DJ Eclipse (Fatbeats) worked on the demos for this album in 1992. Zigg Zagg would later be better known as Sun Magnetic of the group Dynasty which release “Wildcat” and “Outlaw” on Fatbeats.

    Coincidentally, I was a house producer at Tuff City from 89-92. The 45 King wasn’t involved in this project, but I guess his influence must have crept in somehow. : )

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