Percee P – Live @Fat Beats LA 12.12.09

Percee P performs in-store live @Fat Beats LA on December 12,2009 doing a free show for the true hip hop heads. It was raining hard that day in LA but a lot of fans still came through to check it out. I gotta say that this was definitely a perfect performance. Percee P performed his best tracks and dropped knowledge for the fans. This man is a real legend! The Legendary Percee P!

Percee P performs Man To Praise off Perseverance.

Percee P talks about being around with Lord Finesse, DMX, Eminem, & Fat Joe.

Percee P performs Ghetto Rhyme Stories Remix off Perseverance: The Remix.

Percee P performs The Lady Behind Me Remix off Perseverance: The Remix.

Percee P spits one of his favorite rhyme acapella.

Percee P spits his two classic verses from Lord Finesse’s Return of The Funkyman album. Don’t forget he earned the hip-hop quotable in The Source for Yes You May. Hear him talk about it.

Percee P spits one last acapella.

Percee P talks about The Almighty KG from the Cold Crush Brothers and B-Boy Records(Scott La Rock, KRS-One).

Buy Percee P’s catalog @FatBeats.com

The opening performance was probably the best I have ever seen. Check out “All In” from Versis. I had never been impressed by an opening performance like that.

— Thomas V

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9 Responses to “Percee P – Live @Fat Beats LA 12.12.09”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I notice you cleanly edited out the part where he introduces A.C. The Program Director as the first person to ever bring him to LA! I guess that's what A.C. means when he calls you TROY geeks "Human Shade Trees". Show the man the respect he deserves, because he was the first to ever bring Percee, Ed OG, Jedi Mind, J Zone, MF Doom, Cormega, Count Bass, Edan and Dooley O to LA to do their first shows here. Your hate for A.C. The P.D. only makes you look like bigger suckers. AND, he is BY FAR the best mixtape Dj in our lifetime!

  2. Kool Max Power says:

    bad times for hip-hop when skilled brothers have to do in-store performances while retarded muthafuckas sell out big ass concert halls.

    great post, mista v!

  3. Antonio says:

    I saw him live in Italy and it was mindblowing. Even my wife, who does not like hip hop, enjoyed the rapid flow.

  4. thomasv says:

    @anonymous: First, I don't have any hate toward AC. I just didn't get any footage when Percee P was talking in the beginning before Man To Praise. If you haven't noticed, this is why Man To Praise starts right when he's talking during the beginning of the beat(not when it starts). But anyway yeah, AC gets my respect for what he did to LA. Stop The T.R.O.Y. hate. Peace,

    — Thomas V

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks whoever that was that said something for AC. I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A.C. need to stop being so angry. burnt bridges never get crossed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    That's a very funny take on AC The PD, when he is one of the nicest, easiest to get along with, generous, kindest, easy going people you will ever meet. Any other take on him is all game.

  8. Anonymous says:

    im sure he is all that but walkin around sayin fuck this fuck that calling people shade trees and acting paranoid thinking everyone hates him just makes it worse.

    burnt bridges never get crossed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Percee P is dope as fuck!!! Thanks for this!!!!

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