New Jersey Underground Part 8

Comin’ at ya today with volume 8 from my New Jersey series. Getting off to a fresh start we have one of the best cuts on the Double X Posse album from 1995. I know I might get some flack for this but I actually prefer that one to their 1992 album. As often happens, a few tracks featured here are from different places other than New Jersey. I always find this stuff out later. For example I put this compilation together on 11/3/2007, but it was not until last year sometime that I found some of the locations are wrong. Oh well, hope y’all will forgive me. I swear, the person who makes a comprehensive encyclopedia of where hip hop artists are from is going to strike it rich. I for one would be hitting up a site like that constantly. Favorite tracks on volume 8 include numbers 1, 2 and 8. Here’s a link and the tracklist —


01 (4:47) Double X – Wreckin it [Jersey City 1995]
02 (4:57) Mytee G. Poetic – Com’n Wit Nuff Ruffness [Newark 1995]
03 (2:25) The 45 King – Here I Go [Jersey City 1993] (Who is the mc ?)
04 (3:56) Redman – Blow Your Mind [Newark 1992]
05 (3:35) Raw Breed – Let The Dogs Loose [New York, woops 1993]
06 (4:37) Troubleneck Brothers – Fuck All Ya’ll [New York, woops 1992]
07 (3:12) Naughty By Nature – Connections [Newark 1995]
08 (4:54) Black Prince And Aziatic Roger – Fuck The World [Trenton 1992]
09 (4:33) Black Caesar – The Symptoms [Jersey City 1995]
10 (3:59) Just Shawn – Just For A Look [Newark 1996]
11 (5:02) Lords Of The Underground – Lunatic Asylum [Newark 1995]
12 (3:53) Fierce – Come Close [East Orange 1996]
13 (4:13) Organized Konfusion – Bring It On [New York, woops 1996]
14 (4:04) Scott Lark Da Sensei – It Aint Goin Down {Trenton 1996]
15 (3:06) Young Zee – Jack Mode [Newark 1996]
16 (4:54) Chino Xl – Rappaz Are In Danger [Newark 1996]
17 (3:58) E. Bros – Toast [Chicago or something.. 1995]
18 (3:18) D1 – Fakes [Newark 1994]
19 (4:32) F.o.a. – I Keep A Muthf–ka Swoll [trenton 1992]

Let me know what you like. If you see mistakes in the locations feel free to correct them but do not miss out on hearing the other cuts because something is mislabeled. I hope y’all dig what you hear.


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17 Responses to “New Jersey Underground Part 8”

  1. dochiphop says:

    u always drop the dope compilations. thanx and keep em comin!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    btw – what the name of car at the photo ?

  3. verge says:

    it looks like an Acura. Onlt 2 doors, so not a Legend. Maybe a Vigor?

  4. laze says:

    The date on "Fuck the World" seems to be off. Definitely not '92 style and they reference BIG and Pac's deaths… any idea on when this one actually hit?

  5. serch4beatz says:

    i think the car is pretty much a nissan silvia s13

  6. schenectadyfan says:

    Laze, not sure about the year on black prince. I heard 1992 from Tony D but that cant be right.

    Glad you dig volume 8 here, thanks for the comments y'all.

  7. Krisch says:

    E. Bros are from Harlem

  8. Anonymous says:

    couldda swore black caesar was from seattle. they even shout out 206 on the track….

  9. Anonymous says:

    that's what happens when the person making the compilation doesn't own the vinyl or cds…

  10. verge says:

    We'll have none of that vinyl dick sucking elitist faggotry around here. You have shit to talk, don't follow.
    You don't know who owns what.
    And you can't always tell where someone is from based on the vinyl anyway. Look at how the "Hyperdermic Needlz" post turned out.

    I own and have owned maaaad vinyl, cassettes, and CDs through my life.
    That shit don't make me no better than someone who doesn't. And most of nowadays fanatics about that shit weren't even rockin hip hop when these records came out.
    So keep that snooty condescending bitch shit to yourself, "anonymous".

    Jeez, not only an 'anonymous' fag here, but also a vinyl bork bork privileged asshole, to boot.

  11. schenectadyfan says:

    Anonymous, ie Wicked22, 6 of the tracks on this compilation came from my own collection and the others I got elsewhere. Is that going to be ok with you or am I not cool enough to be on your rich-kid level ? Other compilations I put together almost ALWAYS feature tracks I rip myself so get out of here with your holier-than-thou bullshit. If you have nothing constructive to add then go back to jacking off on your vinyl doubles and do not bother to visit the blog again. Asshole…

  12. Durden says:

    awesome stuff man. I always dig these regional comps. keep em coming.

  13. Anonymous says:

    100 % right verge, fuck those nowadays kids 🙂

  14. DNG says:

    I heard Black Ceasar aka Blak Czer is from South Central but I'm not completely sure about that. Im pretty definate he ain't from the East Coast tho. His shit is definately West Coast G-Funk.

  15. DNG says:

    Also, that Lunatic Asylum song is by a group called Lunatic Asylum not by lords of the underground.

  16. verge says:

    @DNG- I'm pretty sure there was more than a
    couple of artists/groups named "Black Ceasar" in
    the 90's.

    I'm not sure which one this is, but thanks for
    dropping a comment and adding some knowledge.
    It's always appreciated, build and destroy.

    Schenectadyfan literally has HUNDREDS more of these regional compilations that he has not dropped yet, so keep checking in here. 🙂

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