Various Artists Cd – ‘Balance’ (Philadelphia 1999)

This is a somewhat obscure ep from 1999. Not sure how many of the tracks are exclusives but it’s a nice lineup. It was co-produced by Cas and Omne, who had his hands in a number of other mid/late 90’s philly releases. I really dig the 2nd cut ‘the meanin’ and ‘so rich’ by Ryan Banks. I have no idea if Ryan Banks did anything else, the track has grown on me. Also of interest are the 2 tracks by P.H.A., aka ‘Power Hittin’ Artist’. I became aware of him when Al at Crates Of Ag posted his 1st two singles. For those who slept, you can check them here —


Alkuttraz I hope you’re reading man, this is some later material I hope is new to you. Here’s a link for this cd —


1. (:37) cas – intro
2. (3:38) ag, kamachi & dj revolution – the meanin’ (they don’t know)
3. (3:52) power hittin’ artist – walk the route
4. (3:28) kamachi – copperfield
5. (3:38) maylay sparks, kamachi & dj jay-ski – unusual styles
6. (:19) cas – interlude
7. (3:34) ryan banks – so rich
8. (2:44) power hittin’ artist – beats and rhymes
9. (4:12) last emperor, kamachi & dj jay-ski – nile nutrition

The weak link in the chain is number nine, but at least it’s last. Altogether this is a head nodding compilation that’s not well known but entirely worth having. Buy the cd if you can find it, I picked mine up for 3 bucks. Enjoy!


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