Various Artists Cd – ‘Balance’ (Philadelphia 1999)

This is a somewhat obscure ep from 1999. Not sure how many of the tracks are exclusives but it’s a nice lineup. It was co-produced by Cas and Omne, who had his hands in a number of other mid/late 90’s philly releases. I really dig the 2nd cut ‘the meanin’ and ‘so rich’ by Ryan Banks. I have no idea if Ryan Banks did anything else, the track has grown on me. Also of interest are the 2 tracks by P.H.A., aka ‘Power Hittin’ Artist’. I became aware of him when Al at Crates Of Ag posted his 1st two singles. For those who slept, you can check them here —


Alkuttraz I hope you’re reading man, this is some later material I hope is new to you. Here’s a link for this cd —


1. (:37) cas – intro
2. (3:38) ag, kamachi & dj revolution – the meanin’ (they don’t know)
3. (3:52) power hittin’ artist – walk the route
4. (3:28) kamachi – copperfield
5. (3:38) maylay sparks, kamachi & dj jay-ski – unusual styles
6. (:19) cas – interlude
7. (3:34) ryan banks – so rich
8. (2:44) power hittin’ artist – beats and rhymes
9. (4:12) last emperor, kamachi & dj jay-ski – nile nutrition

The weak link in the chain is number nine, but at least it’s last. Altogether this is a head nodding compilation that’s not well known but entirely worth having. Buy the cd if you can find it, I picked mine up for 3 bucks. Enjoy!


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3 Responses to “Various Artists Cd – ‘Balance’ (Philadelphia 1999)”

  1. Kevin beacham says:

    This is a good EP. It was what really solidified me as a Kamachi fan, that and his "Deer Hunter" verse on Jedi Mind Tricks. Funny thing is, #9 is THE SONG for me. It's one of my favorite songs that year! I feel the production is unique and innovative. The cutting on there is top notch. Lyrically it's pretty bonkers too. Last Emp gives one his best verses ever on there to me and Kamachi's word connection is a lil bit unreal…. In any event, It's all worth a listen. thanx for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Never heard of this before but it sounds dope!
    I found it on Amazon to 17 cents so I ordered it 🙂

  3. verge says:

    Not for nothing, but "Nile Nutrition" is also the song that made me check for Kamachi. The rest of this is pretty dope, too. AG kills everything he's on, IMO.
    Good find, schenectadyfan. Thanks.

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