Shup Diddy’s 90s Mix via TwitVid

Shup Diddy is one of our forum’s most eccentric and humorous contributors, but he’s also a super hip hop crate digging nerd and DJ in his own right. He shared a live, unedited mix with us called “I Believe In The 90s” which he filmed and put on Twidvid for our listening and viewing pleasure:

I call it “I Believe in the 90’s”
pt. 1
pt. 2(had to edit cause of some issues)
pt. 3
i had to put it on twitvid cause gay youtube blocked the audio on every single video cause of that stupid sony/wmg deal.
Let us know what you think. — Thun

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One Response to “Shup Diddy’s 90s Mix via TwitVid”

  1. Strategy786 says:

    The mixes were pretty sloppy to me (I know its live) and some of the R&B-ish selections were not my style, BUT, this is some real hip-hop stuff to me. He's on there, doing his thing, having fun, not trying to pretend he's Mr. DJ extraordinaire, just putting the music first. Keep it up Shup Diddy.

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