Wyandanch High School Jam ’85 – Biz Markie and Rakim

Holy shit. This was spotted over at DJ Stepone’s blog which linked to it from Old School Hip Hop Tapes. Back on the forum, our good homie DJ Mike Nice purports to be the internet originator of this tape. I don’t know who had what first, but regardless this is an amazing find:

Wyandanch High School Jam (1985)
Biz Markie, Kid Wizard Rakim, MC Chilly Dawg, Grandwizard BMC & DJ Fantasy, Inc.

(1 of 2): The pre-party festivities jumped off by DJ Fantasy, Inc. rocking over the vintage ‘beatbox’ drum machine.

(2 of 2): The main event featuring
Biz Markie with DJ Grandwizard BMC (from the group Groove B. Chill) joined by MC Chilly Dawg(aka Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, also from Groove B. Chill). Later on, a VERY SPECIAL impromptu guest appearance from none other than the Kid Wizard Rakim Allah!!! He drops a couple of verses during track #10 in the folder.

Holy shit. That’s all there really is to say about this. — Thun

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