Touring The States: San Francisco, CA

Although they are from the Bay Area’s Frisco city, Real Brothers delivers us different style than it was, at that time very popular all over the West Coast and the Bay Area, G-funk style of music.
This album have more accompanying sound to the East Coast standards.

Real BrothersSoul Controllers (1992)

A1. Real Brothers
A2. Raise The Flag
A3. I’m A Get Mine
A4. Keep It Smooth
A5. Another Drug Song
A6. Two Heads Are Better Than One (T.O.A.M.P.)

B1. Soul Controllers
B2. Ya Burnin’ Yourself
B3. Dream Seq. (Now We Got Africa!)
B4. Ease It Down
B5. What’s Next?
B6. Mom Taught Me




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10 Responses to “Touring The States: San Francisco, CA”

  1. hisp says:

    wow, ive been looking for this for a Long time. thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks alot for this one.

  3. Kevin Beacham says:

    This is a nice find, thanx!

  4. Markshot says:

    Im glad y'all enjoying this.

  5. thomasv says:

    Great Find! This is Dope!

  6. verge says:

    Yeah, this looks like a dope one, Markshot. Thanks.
    Sampling that Epmd "Smooth like the motion of water" for the hook on "Keep It Smooth", is ill.
    They definitely seem ahead of their time on most of the sample choices. A LOT of records they used here were used a lot more through the years.

  7. RDK8 says:

    hi. i can't unpack track no. 9. anybody can help me?

  8. T.R.O.Y. says:

    No problem, try now and tell me if it works for you.

    Track #9


  9. RDK8 says:

    Damn, T.R.O.Y. You are great. now it's aight. Thanks a lot!

  10. T.R.O.Y. says:

    You are welcome.


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