Random VLS Drops – Hyperdermic Needlz (1995)

I‘m going to be dropping these random vinyl rips to quench that extra thirst for more T.R.O.Y. material that we all get sometimes. Just on some bonus treat end of the night steez.
(fresh 320kbps vinyl rip, cell phone cam scan)

A1 Hyperdermic Needlz – Always (raw mix)
A2 Hyperdermic Needlz – Always (radio)
A3 Hyperdermic Needlz – Always (instrumental)
B1 Hyperdermic Needlz – Word Up (raw mix)
B2 Hyperdermic Needlz – Word Up (radio)
B3 Hyperdermic Needlz – Word Up (instrumental)
This one is pretty nice. I’m partial to the b-side, “Word Up”, because of the more mellow tone and the seemingly leisurely original flow that the second guy on the mic spits. And you can never go wrong with sampling Redman’s quotable, “no matter who you are, you still catch a bullet scar.” Don’t sleep on “Always”, though. It’s dope, ’nuff said.
This was executive produced by Thirstin Howl III (legendary Lo Life skillionaire who was supposed to be working on an album with Sadat X in 2008 and they were recently seen in the studio together, peep the link on his name)and released on “Cook Rock Records”. I believe this was their only release. I don’t know who’s who on these songs, but the record credits the writers as Napalm Bomb, Non DaScrip, and Breez, and was produced by Sonata.
Enjoy and expect a lot more of these ranging from known to unknown, but always dope.
And check the hyper links in the post. There’s an article on the history of Lo Life and a great interview with Thirstin in there.

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5 Responses to “Random VLS Drops – Hyperdermic Needlz (1995)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    good pick here Verge! this 12" is one of the most beloved indies in my cratez and would be played on a regular basis. "word up" is my shit but also "always" is dope…you just can't go wrong with this vinyl! as far as I remember these cats are from Florida but not much more information than that unfortunately….


  2. verge says:

    Word, thanks for checking in, ral278.
    Yeah, I saw that the "Summit Entertainment Inc." was based out of Florida, but the label "Cook Rock" was outta Brooklyn, so I didn't really know what to make of it.
    Hmmm.. Maybe their from Florida, knew heads in NY, and came up to Bklyn to make the record?
    I don't know.
    Great record, though, agreed.

  3. ral278 says:

    there was also a tape w/ these tracks (friend of mine got that) and in there it mentions contact telephone number for these cats and this was from Florida state..).

  4. Anonymous says:

    there actually from my hometown new haven ct…..they say it in the beginnning of always…wow this brings back memories….i got the video on vhs…they say the villle….the elm city boys…wow brings back memories…..thanks a lot

  5. rhejae says:

    Yeah, they're from New Haven, CT. Breez on this joint used to be a regular on the Mic Check Show on Hot 97 back in the late 90's. Yall know him now as Breez Evaflowin.

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