James Brown – Samples Volume 1

Former T.R.O.Y. member Roy is still dropping his always dope, well-thought out compilations and this month is James Brown Month over at his new spot Scratch Reaction. He recently posted this on the T.R.O.Y. forums and I thought it’s something we should pass on to our readers. Peace to Roy and one of the greatest musicians of all time. –Philaflava

James Brown – Samples Volume 1

1. James Brown – I Got You (1966)
2. Gang Starr – Gotch U
3. Gang Starr – Gotch U (Hunter Mix)
4. Public Enemy – Contract On The World Love Jam
5. James Brown – Cold Sweat (1967)
6. Public Enemy – Prophets Of Rage
7. Public Enemy – Welcome To The Terrordome
8. Ice Cube – Jackin’ For Beats
9. King Tee – Bass
10. Chubb Rock – What’s The Word
11. Three Times Dope – Straight Up
12. Sweet Tee – I Got Da Feelin’
13. James Brown – Bring It Up (1967)
14. Gang Starr – Manifest
15. Gang Starr – Manifest (Remix)
16. Ultramagnetic MCs – See The Man On The Street

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I Got You (1966)

Cold Sweat (1967)

Bring It Up (1967)

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One Response to “James Brown – Samples Volume 1”

  1. restless_43 says:

    any site having a 'James Brown Month' is good in my book.. check the shirt i just got in my mailbox http://www.mltd.com/images/cache/62-14_jpg_ff759a8ae2e6b1240aa2c494720aebcc.jpg

    between this and it being 'Bogart month' on TCM, December might not be so shitty afterall..

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