Great EPs: King Sun x Cold Chillin’ – "Strictly Ghetto"

For those of you that frequent the forum, you will undoubtedly have noticed the “Illest EPs Ever” thread that’s been ongoing for the past month or so. Too many dope EPs to name have been uploaded by numerous forum members.

One of the best EPs to be uploaded, in my humble opinion, is King Sun’s “Strictly Ghetto” EP. Released in 1994 on Cold Chillin’ Records, one look at the cover tells you this is a different King Sun than the one you remember from “Righteous But Ruthless.” Sun-D Moet traded in his kufi for a Carhartt jacket, and forging a harder-edged street-level experience for the listener. If you are a fan of the TROY blog, I guarantee you will love this record. The beats are top notch (I’m not sure who helmed the boards, as a Google search proves fruitless) and Sun definitely stepped up his lyrical game.

Unfortunately, the EP seemed to get lost in the decline and eventual demise of Cold Chillin’ Records shortly after it’s release. It’s currently out of print, but you can get a CD copy on Amazon for under $100…you know, if paying exorbitant prices for obscure early 90’s rap records is your thing.

Enjoy this dope little slice of ’94, courtesy of Echo Leader & the TROY blog.

1. Humm Deez Nuts
2. Street Corner
3. BNS Sex
4. Once Upon A Time
5. Suck No Dick
6. Robbin’ Of Da Hood
7. Get Down With Da Get Down


– Echo Leader

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5 Responses to “Great EPs: King Sun x Cold Chillin’ – "Strictly Ghetto"”

  1. Jdid says:

    loved Righteous but Ruthless especially be black with that line "Yo I'm from Africa" boy you're just a faker, Name one city "Umm, Jamaica!"

    Actually discovered him from Mythological Rapper one of my favorites way back. I know it was the b-side to Hey Love but was it ever on an actual album?

  2. thomasv says:

    I see that you don't have it in your post so i'm going to say it again.

    King Sun told my brother that "Street Corner" was Mr.Magic last appearance on a record. R.I.P. Magic!


    — Thomas V

  3. verge says:

    @Beneficial- You and your people got a great high quality audio blog. We frequently link to you on our T.R.O.Y. forum in Philaflava.com, usually in the request threads.
    It's funny that just today, in the weekly request thread, someone requested this same EP in 320 and TheBigSleep linked your blog for it.
    Good work on getting everything done in hq.

    If you could return the linkage favor, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Beneficial says:

    do you mean you wish to affiliate? Added to list. This blog is great!

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