Recap 11/15/09-11/29/09

Rollin’ in my 2064

It’s Sunday afternoon again (shout out to Lighter Shade Of Brown). It’s one of those contemplative days. The new albums from Clipse and Souls Of Mischief leaked and they’re just so-so. The landscape of music is just looking bleak as can be and yet you feel serene, cool as can be. What better time to get reacquainted with some retro-future rap, the music that bypassed you or was too ahead of its time to suggest. Check out the best of our offerings from the past half-month:

Touring The States: Kenosha, WI – From where!? Yep.
Shoveling Out The New York Crates: Phase 4 – The T.R.O.Y. Blog straight new yorked you.
Masta Killa (No Said Date) – Chinese Sample – Oh snap, that’s where he got it from. How in the fuck ThomasV figured this out is anyone’s guess.
A Collection Of Independent Hip Hop – Late 90s had this type of shit on lock.
Vintage Rap-A-Lot (1988-1996) – Not from Houston? You still jock Rap-A-Lot.
Project Blowed Spotlight: The Afterlife/Curbserver Camp – Project Blowed, what’s the code?
dirt_dog Remix Packs 5 & 6 – You haven’t heard most of this.
Touring The States: Mesa, AZ – Go figure. Smooth flavor from the Southwest.
Dysfunkshunal Family – Mixed Emotions 96 Demo EP – Yeah, we just heard about it too.
Stay tuned!