Dysfunkshunal – Mixed Emotions 96 Demo EP

Yes! More mid 90’s Dysfunkshunal Fam. If you dig the Finsta/Dysfunkshunal/SOB/Bushwick

camp, then you will surely be happy with this. Keep in mind that they ARE demos, so the audio quality isn’t polished. Personally, I like that dirty dank basement sound. And also, a few google searches revealed that these demos have been circulating for a couple of years, I just haven’t heard them until now.

The joint for me is “Tear Your Kingdom Down”. “In Life” is another one that would have gotten some underground airplay back in the day. And “Cause We Are” sounds like it would have fit perfect on the Dysfunkshunal/Finsta Bundy EP from 1997.

A1 Tear Your Kingdom Down

A2 8 Million Stories
A3 In Life
A4 Same Ole Same Ole
B1 Cause We Are
B2 Raw Like This
B3 Life And Death

Peep the snippets:

Thanks to Chopped Herring Records and Crazy DJ Bazarro for surfacing these.

I believe there are still copies left, but be prepared to spend more than a little here, but less then some
other “limited” release based labels.


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6 Responses to “Dysfunkshunal – Mixed Emotions 96 Demo EP”

  1. K-Funk says:

    thanks a lot Verge!

  2. bacemonk says:

    thanks. this is dope. sound quality is not bad at all. way cleaner than a lot of demos out there.

  3. dnyle says:

    mad dope! thank you so much for upping this!

  4. verge says:

    No prob, fellas.
    I'm glad heads are liking this one.
    "In Life" is my joint at this moment. Dope shit.

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