dirt_dog Remix Packs 5 & 6

Some people love them, some people hate them, but here we go with the final installment of my Remix Packs. For #5, I bring you all the remixes that I loved in the 90’s that lean heavily towards the alternative/metal/electronic side. I’m going to guess that Onyx and Biohazzard’s collaboration for the Judgement Night Soundtrack went so well that they teamed up again for the “Slam” remix. And I liked the House Of Pain mix so much I don’t see any reason that I wouldn’t enjoy the Naughty By Nature track either. Dr. Octagon was ahead of his time and on some other level shit in 1996. Last up is Mr. Meth. It was a toss up between the the Prodigy Mix of “Release Yo Delf” and the Chemical Brothers mix for “Bring The Pain.” Both are great in different ways.

Remix Pack 5
01 Onyx-Slam (Bionyx Remix)
02 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Butch Vig Mix)
03 Dr. Octagon-Bear Witness (2 Turntables & A Razor Blade Re-Edit)
04 Method Man-Release Yo’ Delf (Prodigy Mix)
05 Naughty By Nature-Hip Hop Hooray (Thrash Mix)

As an added bonus I’ve created a pack of alternative artists that received the remix treatment by the hip hop industry. Most are pretty obvious, the “Nickel Bag” remix was done by the Dust Brothers and “Make Out City” is by Mike Simpson (one half of the Dust Brothers). I truly feel that these 5 remixes are worth 15 minutes of your time. I’ve also cleverly combined Remix Packs 5 & 6 together so you’re going to get these songs whether you want them or not.

Remix Pack 6
01 Sublime-Doin’ Time (Marshall Arts Remix) feat. The Pharcyde
02 Beck-Where It’s At (Make Out City) (Remix by Mike Simpson)
03 Rage Against The Machine-Bullet In The Head (Sir Jinx Remix)
04 Propellerheads-Take California & Party feat. Jungle Brothers
05 Filter-Hey Man Nice Shot (Nickel Bag)



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4 Responses to “dirt_dog Remix Packs 5 & 6”

  1. Anonymous says:

    you have mad sour taste

  2. Anonymous says:

    That's what your mother said to my penis.
    I dip my balls in lemonade from time to time.

  3. andy@chicks_n_kicks says:

    this really is a love or hate thing, still making up my mind

  4. verge says:

    Sublime plus Pharcyde,hmmmm….interesting.I'll have to check that one out.Downloading now, thanks.

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