A Collection Of Independent Hip Hop

This compilation was dropped on UK’s label named UpperCut Records. On my copy of the disk there is no year of the release, so maybe we can trust discogs and have it in mind, that it was released in 1998.

1. Network Reps – Simplistic Feat. Shawn J Period, Tru Persona

2. Tommy Tee – Horizon Feat. Basheeba Earth, Black Sun, The High & Mighty, Network Reps
3. Mike Zoot – High Drama Feat. Mos Def, Talib Kweli
4. Network Reps – Dos Collabo Feat. L-Fudge, Mike Zoot, Tru Persona
5. Homeliss Derelix – Survivin The Game
6. All Natural – 50 Years
7. Homeliss Derelix – Player Status
8. Homeliss Derelix – Downsides
9. Persevere – So They Say
10. Grandmaster Garner (b.k.a. ‘Gundei) – The Solution?
11. J-Live – Longevity
12. Mood – Another Day
13. Mass Influence – Space Cases
14. Mike Zoot meets Receiver – Blessed
15. 2 Amigos – Get Potential Feat. F.T., Mike Zoot
16. Purple Penguin – East Of West

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— Markshot

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4 Responses to “A Collection Of Independent Hip Hop”

  1. bigsd says:

    it´s a long time ago that i heard that record. the good old days with a lot of memories for that great period of hip hop.

  2. Cock Pitt says:

    ay hunny bear – this link is DEAD – it says it reached its limit and gonna be unavailable untill december 12th

  3. verge says:

    I just edited in another link. Sharebee, so that should be good for a while.

  4. T.R.O.Y. says:

    damn that divshare, its good only cause of the embed playlist.
    thanks Verge!


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