Recap 11/01/09 – 11/15/09

Sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump

Artifacts Rhyme Biting Scandal – Because we hate a rhyme biter’s rhyme.

In Full Gear, 20 Years Later – Speaking of a crew called Stetsa.
Sounds Like The 90s (Volume 11) – Ever feel like you’re living in New Jack City? Bridge the present to the past with the latest installment of our popular series.
Who Flipped It Better? “The Rub” – George and Gwen McRae are given new life by Mobb Deep, Meth and Red, The Coup, and Brand Nubian. But who flipped it loveliest? Listen and decide for yourself.
Philly Retrospective Volume 8 – Listen if only for the fact that The City of Brotherly Love still get overlooked for its immense contributions to hip hop music.
Beef: X-Clan vs. Boogie Down Productions – Their beef was ideological, they kept it on wax and made some great music, and then they reconciled and collaborated. How it should be done.
Touring The States: Tulsa, OK – Markshot continues his quest across the fruited plain, this time proving there’s more to Oklahoma than the Trail Of Tears and the Homestead Act.
Southern Series Volume 5 (1991-1997) – It sounds like the 90s … int he land of Dixie!
Tall Dark & Handsome – Jackson 5 – Recorded 15 B.K. (Before Kanye)
Godfather Don Samples – Volume 1 – Because we’re pretty much a Godfather Don blog disguised as a throwback blog, you see….
What’s that you say? You heard that we’re compiling a list of late 90s gems? Hmmm …. maybe so. Maybe so.