The Godfather Don Samples – Volume 1

I’ve been holding out on this one for a long minute. It just didn’t feel right without having some of Don’s horn samples on here, but they’ll have to be on Volume 2.

One of my favorite producers on the mic, of all time, who made those beats that any producer wished he had done himself. The first track, Cloudburst, starts off with a Natural Elements‘ sample. KA – I Mean This. You’ll also catch a Double XX Posse sample in there if you pay close attention. If you can catch it, name it in the comments. All I’ll say is it’s off their “Ruff, Rugged, And Raw” album from 1995.

I could go on about how great some of these originals are and what other samples you’ll find on them, but that would take up too much space. Do peep Marcella’s Dream and see how Buckwild flipped that one for Big L‘s MVP Remix, though. Crazy.

Most of the Don joints here are from the Hydra Beats instrumental records he dropped in the mid 90’s. The other tracks I figured you guys already had, so I just used the instrumental versions. Except the last three, which happen to be three of my favorite GFD tracks. I don’t have the instrumentals for those.

If you know of any of his horn loop sample sources, please do tell in the comments.

02. GFD – Depressed (instrumental)
04. GFD – Piece Of The Action (instrumental)
06. GFD – Do You Know (instrumental)
08. GFD – For My Pa (instrumental)
10. GFD – Buster (instrumental)
12. GFD – 7 Degrees Of Elevation
13. GFD – Creepin (instrumental)
15. GFD – Status
16. GFD – Forever My Lady

Some Previews:

I didn’t name the original artists to avoid problems for the sampling artist. But the links on the song titles
will lead you to either more information and more music by the original artists, or to a place to support said artists.
Peace to Lyrical Gymnastics at T.R.O.Y. for the Piece Of Mind connection.


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