Tall Dark & Handsome – Jackson 5

Does anyone recognize a track that sampled the beginning of “Darling Dear” by The Jackson 5? The melody and the “La La La” singing?

Back in August, I posted on the “Track ID” thread from the T.R.O.Y. forum looking for the track that sampled it. I mentioned that the track was probably from the late 80’s or early 90’s. At first, I thought that it was Three Times Dope but after going through their albums, it wasn’t. I was still pretty sure that it was done by a group. After 5 days, no one replied so I asked again. Fellow T.R.O.Y. Bloggers Cenzi, Verge, and another forum member said that it didn’t ring a bell to them.

Today, November 7 as I’m writing, I don’t really remember what triggered me listen to this track but I went on Youtube to hear Tall Dark & Handsome (self titled track) from their 1988 hip-hop album on B-Boy Records. As soon as the track started, I remembered that it was that song that I was looking for 3 months straight. I knew that I wasn’t dreaming.. It’s definitely a classic ‘ahead of its time’ type of joint! If you want their album you can buy the Traffic Ent. Reissue from 2005. I still included a link courtesy of bustthefacts for those who wants to give it a quick listen.


Tall Dark & Handsome – T.D.H. (1988)

– Thomas V

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