Southern Series Volume 5 (1991-1997)

I’m posting the 5th volume from my southern series today. It’s underground hip hop from Florida, Lousiana, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee, 1992-1997. There is some rare shit here so don’t sleep ! A few of the more obscure cuts include numbers 5, 9, 14, 16 and 17. Dont make make the mistake of thinking this is all booty music. Southern hip hop has flavor and variety just like anywhere else. If you are below the Mason-Dixon stand up and be counted! Here’s a link and the tracklist–


01 (5:11) Poison Clan – Zooism [Florida 1995]
02 (3:05) Strugglin’ Souls – Who Dat Man [Atlanta 1992]
03 (5:52) Micranots – Decapitation Free [Atlanta 1995]
04 (3:37) Mad Flava – Feel Tha Flava (Bomb Remix) [Texas 1993]
05 (4:21) Threatt II Society – Make Me Scream (Radio Mix)[Tampa 1994]
06 (7:29) Odd Squad – Came Na Gedown [Texas 1994]
07 (3:15) Example – ‘2 7 26’ [Texas 1997]
08 (3:54) Native Nuttz – 40 Oz. (Remix) [Atlanta 1994]
09 (4:45) Black Saturday – That much harder [Tampa 1992]
10 (3:26) Fesu – War With No Mercy [Texas 1994]
11 (4:03) Alex P. Body – South Coast Jazz [Texas 1995]
12 (3:41) 4 Deep – True Blue Brother [Texas 1994]
13 (3:07) Javier And The Str 8 Jackers – Real Deal [Atlanta 1991]
14 (5:12) Tap, Ghost, and Phobia – Rugged Aspects [Tampa 1993]
15 (4:27) Native Nuttz – All N Da Splendor [Atlanta 1994]
16 (4:23) Black Saturday – What’s an Excecutioner ? [Tampa 1992]
17 (4:00) Threatt II Society – Lynchin’ Mf (Album Version) [Tampa 1994]
18 (4:11) Detrimental Ganxta – One In The Chamba [Texas 1993]
19 (5:13) Orange Juice Click – Reminisce [Memphis 1995]
20 (4:37) Ant Tink, Smooth, Raw, Walt Sw – Hood Rat Hoes [Alabama 1995]
21 (3:58) Organized Rhyme & Ganksta N-I-P – Southern Pimp Funk [Texas 1993]

Leave some comments, let me know if you like what’s coming up from down under.


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7 Responses to “Southern Series Volume 5 (1991-1997)”

  1. dochiphop says:

    Nice compilation bro. Definitely some gems here. U R right about that southern style it definitely not really much booty shakin garbage. Anyway, Mad Flava is from Dallas. Odd Squad, Fesu, and Example are all from Houston. (maybe u know this but since it didn't say this specifically in your description i thought i'd add some info just in case). Thanx for all you do here man!!!

  2. verge says:

    @dochiphop- Any extra information is always appreciated here. Thank you.

    Good job on this one, S.Fan. Your regional compilations are unfuckwittable.

  3. Schenectadyfan says:

    Thanks Verge, glad to know people are digging that southern sound.

  4. Anonymous says:

    that Native Nuttz – 40 oz joint is real dope.

  5. PAS says:

    Thanks for some more Black Saturday!!

  6. Maria says:

    I’ve been looking for “Make me scream” for so long but I can’t seem to find it anywhere!!! And now the download link doesn’t work since megaupload is closed…please could you upload it again? Or even email it to me???

  7. Linh says:

    Ive never read something like this prior to. So good to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject, really thank you for starting this up. this web site is one thing that’s essential on the net, an individual with a small originality. beneficial job for bringing some thing new towards the internet!

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