Touring The States: Tulsa, OK

T-Town native, Dangerous Rob has been in the record industry for 20 years. He recorded his first rap record at the age of 15 with a group named THOB-MOB. After graduating from Edison High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1989, Dangerous Rob went to Langston University in Oklahoma. There he performed in talent shows and rap contests. In 1990 he put his educational goals aside and released his second record. Combined with Partners-N-Rhyme a local rap group, the record was distributed nationwide. It sold more than 10,000 copies of the single “Cold Chillin in the Middle”. This popularity allowed him to perform with many big named artists.

In 1995 Dangerous Rob released Bakkk From the Middle which sold over 6,000 copies. “Its a T-Town thing” is a cut that best represents the positive direction that his middlism style is taking him. Middleism is a style that adds a lighter touch to gangsta rap yet still keeps the brutal honesty gangsta rap is famous for.

For more info, visit D-Rob’s myspace page.

Dangerous Rob
Bakkk From The Middle (1995)

01. Intro
02. Bakkk From The Middle

03. I Can’t Cope

04. Journey Thru The Middle

05. T-Town Thang

06. Do It Dangerous

07. Push-N-Pull (Robmix)

08. Niggaz Gotta Have It

09. B.F.T.M. (Radio)

10. T-Town Thang

11. Jeff’s Theme (Outro)



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