Beef: X-Clan vs. Boogie Down Productions

This is a strange and unwanted beef between two crews of straight intellectuals, who both seemed to be on the same page. The main difference was (and probably still is) that one crew is pro-black while the other one was pro-human.


More than a diss record, they just happened to remember Kris’s humanist stance, and in this pro-black track they had to air it out:

And here’s a message to the Rainbow crew

And their fearless leader, Captain Human:

Revolution is not humanism!

Individualism and not separatism!

Even Professor X (RIP) raps on this one, instead of just “sissying” and “pink cadillacing”.

Over and under as I progress to this

Got no time to be hanging out with humanists

Raise a flag, fly the, tag the hand, clutch the fist

Serve we nationally comes the diss

Humanity keep it with us we break edicts

On another track (“Grand Verbalizer”) from their first album, Brother J also sends a direct hit to KRS:

Go from go from verb to verb,

Sit back and take heed, brother

YOU must learn!

Now to be fair though, there is an interview with Brother J over at Unkut.com where J states that there never was any hostile situations.

“The original situation with me and Kris wasn’t a beef, it was more of a misunderstanding on the audience’s part(…) All I was trying to state was that black people were not ready at the time for “humanism” views – we don’t have our house clean. (…) So my thing was to him [KRS] “You must learn”, take some time back and sit back and let’s build, sit down with some different elders and see it from different perspective before it goes out there like that. And the crowd instantly took it and said “Ohh, you beefing with KRS, the greatest MC of all time!”

Personally I call bullshit. I guess that memo never got to Kris, ’cause he put on his chef’s apron and served them some craaaazy beef.


The great response by KRS was not only to destroy them as artists, but also went up against their beliefs. The fact that KRS got up in pro-black’s asses with his two verses just proved that he wasn’t afraid of ANYTHING.

He very cleverly showed and proved that many black men are worse then white devils, using Colin Powell as a great example.

Throw in the towel, the devil is Colin Powell

You talk about being African and being black

Colin Powell’s black, but Libya he’ll attack

Libya’s in Africa, but a black man

will lead a black man, to fight against his homeland

An accomplice to the devil is a devil too

The devil is anti-human, who the hell are you?

He then went up against all philosophies that defend that since the first man from Africa as the original man, therefore all black men are the original man. He even goes up against 5%’s that focus on black man being God.

God is not any black man on the land; God is consciousness

When you understand this you’ll see Kris

Until then, you can get dissed

He finishes his diss, or better yet, his lesson, with a mouth smacking teacher-to-student verse:

Yes I am the original teacher

You gotta study the Qu’ran, Torah, Bahavaghita

The Bible, Five Baskets of Buddha Zen

And when you’ve read them shits, READ them shits again!

But watch what you’re repeatin

If you don’t know the history of the author

you don’t know what you’re reading!

Yeah I’m still the original

Leaving MC’s lyrically miserable

Their criminal syllables are minimal, show me respect BOY

Cause I build and destroy!

This is a lesser known battle where KRS stomped all over an MC. Brother J never responded, but instead, years later invited KRS to X-Clan’s album to “Speak the Truth”:

X-CLAN ft. KRS-1 – “Speak the Truth”

— cenzi stiles

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13 Responses to “Beef: X-Clan vs. Boogie Down Productions”

  1. vincentlopez says:

    I remember this very well. KRS pretty much shut them up with 'Build and Destroy'.

  2. Thun says:

    "Build and Destroy" was dope, but KRS' flighty "humanism" always seemed so much less compelling than X-Clan's loony but prideful philosophies.

  3. Thun says:

    Also, Brother J has aged gracefully in a mature, updated philosophy of pride and empowerment whereas KRS is even more of a basketcase.

  4. Kimani17 says:

    ^True, but KRS smashed all competitors prior to '95 in my book, he was unstoppable lyrically and spit knowledge that I still hold true.

  5. The Kool Skool says:

    I never heard this X-clan/KRS track excellent article as all ways. KRS & Poor Righteous Teachers also had a dispute that resulted in their collabo on "Conscious Style". The thing about the nature of Rap music now is that in the past, groups like X-Clan and P.R.T. went against KRS (who was the strongest battle rapper at that time) because they had heart and disagreed on the grounds of belief, and felt justified to defend that. Top shelf rappers today now either have no real beliefs, or are to scared to express them as they will get shut down. Battles today are either manufactured or end up in threats of gun play.

    It kind of shows where we are at when at that time KRS and X-Clan/P.R.T. all sat down, built and created after the disputes like intelligent men, as opposed to now where rappers leak phone calls and personal legal papers.

  6. PAS says:

    Kinda cool gaining a new perspective on songs you have memories around, in this case Build and destroy. I was never a fan of X-Clan , mainly cause of Isis and X, made me cringe in front of Yo, though I loved Dark Sun Riders to death. So I never listened to X-Clan and missed this thing about the beef. So thanks for an enlightening piece! My two cents on KRS is ACE releases up til I got Next which I consider his last golden moment as a whole. What happened?

  7. Anonymous says:

    this shit is of the hook while it buffers to quench their beef to each other way back dem memory lanes if i could recall thats for sure is a real punchline line to pro-black

  8. Anonymous says:

    Funny you call these guys intellectuals. KRS One is clearly a more articulate person than that guy called Professor J, but when it comes to geopolitics what those guys were sayin' is just awful stereotypes.

  9. Funny how people are saying KRS shut X Clan and Brother J never responded when the XODUS album came out after Sex and Violence. XODUS, Fire and Earth and ADAM all had shot at KRS, KRS never responded specifically to those, get your facts right

  10. Ray Boogie says:

    This wasn’t a beef so much as it was an exchange of ideology and beliefs, truth is you couldn’t come at KRS without invoking a lyrical destruction. At the time I respected both arguments as valid and thought provoking and for that reason alone it elevated above “beef”. It was simply strong brothers throwin it down without violence, which is how it how it should be.

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