King Sun, Rhymefest, & Percee P – Oct. 28

This past Wednesday, I went to see the god Rakim @The Seventh Seal Tour in LA. Rhymefest is touring with Rakim. The video I’m posting is just incredible! Let me tell you the story. First, Rhymefest was doing his thing on stage and then he asked if there were any mc’s in the crowd. Percee P, who was in the crowd, tried to catch Rhymefest intention but he didn’t recognize him at first. Rhymefest even said something like “You got cds? You gotta be good to press up your own shit”. After he found out that it was Percee P, Rhymefest went on to rhyme “I’m Percee P, P stands for pimp…”. A couple minutes after that, who do I see coming in the crowd? King Sun! He went close to the stage, Percee P praised him. Then he saw Rhymefest and got on stage. The video starts with Rhymefest introducing the legendary King Sun, who then asks Percee P to jump on stage. Percee P didn’t touch the mic but King Sun killed it when he mentioned him throwing his cds!

I also recorded footage from Rakim’s performance which I have to do some editing before I post it. One thing I’m going to tell you is that there was this security guard that kept telling me & my bro to stop recording. Because of this shit, I didn’t get to record this moment when King Sun praised Rakim live on stage. I’m still mad about not getting it on tape! It was legendary!

One last thing, my brother got to talk to King Sun and while talking about the Strictly Ghetto EP, Sun told him that the track “Street Corner” was Mr. Magic’s last appearance on a record. R.I.P Mr. Magic.

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— Thomas V

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3 Responses to “King Sun, Rhymefest, & Percee P – Oct. 28”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was at that show and that was an awesome momement. The GOD ripped it as usual but the crowd was super wack! I felt sorry for him.

  2. andrewfromrussia says:

    Why Percee P was not freestylin?

  3. thomasv says:

    Yooo homie,

    That is some dope ass footage you got there! Good lookin for posting that! Your camera recorded the video and sound really well. Also, it seemed like the soundman was on his job at that show, dope indeed.

    And as far as what took place there… Fest & King Sun rhyming together is a fresh frickin cypher if I may say so. Too bad Percy P didn't hop in there, sall good though, shit was ill!



    I'm using a Vado HD. It's a small camcorder that records 720P videos with AC3 audio. It's only $150 retail. Definitely worth the price!

    I also had to compress the videos so it's not in its full quality. I just uploaded the Rakim videos on my new youtube account. Check them out! http://www.youtube.com/user/livebythomasv. Again like i said on the blog, i missed capturing this legendary moment when Ra gave King Sun the mic. He said something like "No Disrespect to Big, Pac, Jay-z, and Nas but Rakim is the best that ever touch a mic, he taught me everything" .. something like that.. i don't remember exactly.

    As for Percee P not rocking the mic, he told my brother that he didn't even wanted to get on stage, he just wanted to chill.

    — thomasv

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