Touring The States: Los Angeles, CA

Mr. X is from South Central L.A. His collaboration with famous producer QDIII, resulted in what may be considered a classic release for fans of G-funk. This album is best known for the summer anthem “Any Ole Sunday.”

His first two singles, “Any Ole Sunday” and “One Time (At My Door)” were dropped on Jungle Records, QDIII‘s label (according to discogs). The single “Flossin” and his self-titled album were also dropped on Jungle Records but they were distributed through Qwest Records, a joint venture between Quincy Jones (QDIII’s legendary father) and Warner Bros. Records.

Mr. XMr. X (1995)

01. Playa Hater
02. Active Crew
03. Dear God
04. Flossin’
05. Low Rider
06. Puttin’ In Work
07. Can’t Fade The Funk
08. Slippin’
09. So High
10. Playa’s Life
11. Comin’ From The Head
12. True To This
13. One Time (At My Door)
14. Any Ole Sunday


Any Ole Sunday VLS (1995)
01. Any Ole Sunday (Radio Edit)
02. Any Ole Sunday (Radio Edit II)
03. Any Ole Sunday (LP Version)
04. Any Ole Sunday (Instrumental)
05. Any Ole Sunday (Accapella)


Flossin CDS (1996)
01. Flossin (Radio Version)
02. Flossin (No Rap Version)
03. Flossin (Remix)
04. Flossin (Instrumental)
05. Active Crew (Album Version)
06. Active Crew (Instrumental)



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3 Responses to “Touring The States: Los Angeles, CA”

  1. Cenzi Stiles says:

    sangin' ass G Funk was never that popular. Domin got a couple of hits, and Nate was only the "hook" man. It's too bad, 'cause there are alot of dope beats.. so I am sure I will appreciate the instrumentals 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    i'm born and raised in LA and was all over town at shows watching, dj'n etc..i don't remember this Mr. X at all..

    never knew Quest was Quincy Jones affiliated. thats cool.

  3. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Yes, i was actually changed whole post and wanted to drop only singles, but eventually i decided to upload whole album aswell, cause i didn't want to leave followers only with crumbs 🙂
    To be honest, im not feelin whole album, but yes, most of the beats are dope.


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