In Retrospect – Pete Nice & Daddy Rich – Dust To Dust

This isn’t the first time I touched this topic on T.R.O.Y. because for some unexplainable reason I’m attached to this album. ’93 was a year of classics, but it also contains many great obscure releases that fell by the wayside too. Let me start off by saying I was never a huge 3rd Bass fan. They had a few tracks I’ve enjoyed but for the most part they (mainly Serch) always came off a bit corny to me. Pete, not so much, he always had that cool swagger that made him a little less contrived than his counterpart. When the group broke up I don’t think anyone shed a tear. They had a good run but their time was over. Hip-hop was moving in a different direction and did not contain 2 white boys rapping about the same humdrum shit for another 6 years.

No one can deny the hits they had, whether it was “The Gas Face,” “Pop Goes The Weasel,” “Steppin’ To The A.M” or the Marley laced “Product Of The Environment.” Two white dudes lucky to have careers in a black dominated sport enjoying every minute of it. They were not poet laureates. One rapper was the self-loathing lighthearted guy, while the other played the too cool for school steelo. Together it worked and with the help of Prince Paul, The Bomb Squad and some respectable co-signs from people ranging from EPMD, Henry Rollins to Russell Simons 3rd Bass become a legit rap act.

So where does that leave us? ’92 the group officially split, Serch was dabbling in the production game with female rapper Boss, The Zebrahead soundtrack, and let us not forget finagling his way into one of the most important rap signings of all-time (Nas). He dropped a lackluster solo titled Return of the Product, which included the hit “Back To The Grill” with Nasty Nas, Chubb Rock & Red Hot Lover Tone. But other then that track, which gained notoriety for its use by Kid Capri Def Comedy Jam, the album fell flat.

A year after the breakup Pete Nice got the call from Russell Simmons and before you knew it “Dust To Dust” was in stores. With the help of friends K.M.D (MF Doom), Sam Sever and The Beatnuts, the production on Dust To Dust was really gratifying. Samples ranging from Velvet Underground. Iron Butterfly, X-Clan, Otis Redding, Ramsey Lewis to Frank Sinatra combine to bring forth an eccentric background for Pete Nice’s verbals. I still can’t tell you what DJ Richie Rich actually did. Street cred employee?

Tracks like Rat Bastard, Kick The Bobo, Verbal Message, The Lumberjack, The Rapsody, 3 Blind Mice featuring Kurious or Rich Bring ‘Em Back” featuring the debut of Cage help balance out the album. Check it out! –Philaflava

Download Dust To Dust here!

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Where is Pete Nice today? Well after quiting the rap game Pete started his own Baseball memorabilia store in Cooperstown. In 2003, he published his first book, Baseball Legends of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, under his real name. He has also been working to secure some property for an official grave site of Negro League players.

In early 2008, Pete opened McGreevy’s 3rd Base Bar, a sports bar in Boston with Dropkick Murphys’ band member Ken Casey. The bar recently was named Best Sports Bar In Boston by Citysearch.

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11 Responses to “In Retrospect – Pete Nice & Daddy Rich – Dust To Dust”

  1. Cenzi Stiles says:

    thats fucked up.. his voice on that newer documentary sounds so… white.

    BTW, your hate for Serch sounds bigger than your respect for Pete's album… and I agree.

  2. Gloss says:

    I don't hate Serch I just don't particular care for him as a rapper. Him coming across as the biggest douchebag too doesn't help matters but hate is too strong a word. There are rappers I hate, Serch isn't one of them. I just call it like I see it, he was corny.

  3. verge says:

    Serch rhyming corny? Sheeeet..just listen to him completely ruin this ill as hell beat off the Fondle 'Em Denmark record (or whatever it was)-

    Sounds like another "Light My Fire" sample.

    Good write up.

  4. skinnyjoe says:

    "Dust To Dust" is a classic album, just off of the beats alone. Pete's raps are solid enough too. Something you can listen to in your "big Jeep with big wheels and drive real fast..around the block a million times".

  5. Antonio says:

    I always thought 3rd Bass were great.
    But then what do I know? I am a white boy…

  6. Kevin Beacham says:

    I always liked 3rd Bass. Pete Nice was my favorite every since he said "your style's artifical, s live as a limb attached to a cripple" on "Wordz Of Wisdom"… Which leads me to the fact that I think both him and Serch were better MCs and lyricists then they are given credit for. I enjoyed the Pete Nice solo album as much if not more then the 3rd Bass albums for sure. DJ Daddy Rich was very nice on the cuts and he kills it on several songs so gotta give him his props too. Plus he's responsible for 1/2 the production (which was top notch) and the signing of the Dredknotz for their "really good" single in '94. I got to meet Pete Nice back around when this album dropped. I was visting Bobbito at Hoppoh which was based at Pete Nice's place…he was as cool in person…

  7. Travis says:

    I have to admit, as a white kid from the backwoods of the pacific northwest, Pete was my idol. I tried my damnedest to grow a goatee just because of him.

    I consider both 3rd Bass albums as personal classics, but I can see why Serch gets the hate he does sometimes. Wasn't big on his solo album, although it had it's moments. I was somewhat disappointed with Pete's album at first. I guess I was expecting more, but it grew on me pretty fast. Always love that "Rat Bastard" video

  8. Mog says:

    Respect to Kevin Beacham – Redefinition Radio is dope.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dust to Dust was dope and Im a brother from DC sayin that! Pete and Serch were dope lyricists and comin from the era they came from repped NYC properly on their solos. Daddy Rich was a dope DJ who even had a showcase track on this album so give the man his props! Also props to the BeatNuts who contributed several heatrocks to this album!

  10. Anonymous says:

    "I still can't tell you what DJ Richie Rich actually did. Street cred employee?"

    WOW….in the late 80's dj richie rich was considered one of the illest dj's. when we would discus who was the best dj back then invariably it would break down to dj scratch or dj richie, with a few votes for premier or dj miz. he's the dude q battles in juice. he was known as an ill dj before he joined 3rd bass.

  11. dj daddy rich says:

    This is Richard Lawson aka Dj Daddy Rich aka "Street Cred Employee"….I am not going to speak my clout but "Anonymous" above knows the deal, know your facts Blog Guy! The Serch "finagled" his way into the Nas deal is hilarious, almost as funny as the Russell called us a year later about making an album. Funny thing is, if we hadnt have done it you wouldnt have anything to write about it. Peace, Rich

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