Recap – This Year, Halloween Falls On a Weekend

Mega-trife and we killed you in a past life.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Compilation – And it don’t quit.

Sick Soldiers (Sick Jacken)
– From Psycho Realm to international solo success.

Classic Imaginary EP: Black Sheep
“Non-Fiction” Abridged – The album was better than you remember, if a bit inconsistent. Here it is, trimmed down and ready for your iPod.

dirt_dog remix pack 3 – Some people don’t have every song and it’s the choice to arrange them together that matters. Try not to forget that.

In Retrospect: Brand Nubian “Everything is Everything” – The Nubians mastered their in-house production style, took on a daring bi-coastal approach to their sound, and ripped every track. So why did you ignore this back in ’94?

Rob Base vs. Audio Two – Two high pitched rappers with similar over-enunciated styles, both making fairly overt references to each other’s lyrics. Coincidence? Some idiots seem to think so.

Outkast “Elevators” (a home grown remix) – Our forums bubble with creativity.

East Coast 12″ Rarities Vol 4&5 – When the East is in the house – oh my gawd!

DJ Revolution – Class of ’86 – Regardless of whether or not The Wake Up Show currently appeals to the Scandinavian market, this mix is great.

Example – Impulses EP (Houston 1997) – Because people from Texas other than MC UGK make rap music too, you know.

?uestlove “The Lesson Sample Mix” 2005
– No huge surprises here, but a great mix, especially well suited for playing among your sample-illiterate friends.

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Live @Greek Theatre LA (9.13.09)

DJ Rob One – Gavin Mixtape – R.I.P. to the college radio mixshow legend.

More on the way. We’re all cider and campfire these days.



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