Example – Impulses EP (Houston 1997)

Here’s an extremely dope EP out of Houston, Texas. DJ Cipher and Dekay(who would later become known as the rhyming half of the BBE duo Nicolay and Kay) formed the group Example and in 1997 dropped only limited copies of this gem of a record. I first heard the track “Slow Motion” on DJ Eli’s Night Train radio program on WKCR. I had no idea who this group was or what this record was until about a year ago. Thank you internets, T.R.O.Y. forum, and Crates Of Ag for making me aware of this ill piece of work.

We’ve already introduced you to “Slow Motion” with the sample for it here and The Moaning comp and mix here. Other stand out cuts on this are “Recollect”, “7-26-96”, and “Strive”. But really, there’s nothing wack on here at all. “Recollect” is on some serious summer time, feel good, anthem status, so don’t sleep on that one.
Click the links in this post to see what these cats are up to now and click the highlighted tracks for previews.

01. i.e. intro
05. Endless
07. E.T.A.
08. i.e. outro

Freshly ripped from vinyl at 320kbps:


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4 Responses to “Example – Impulses EP (Houston 1997)”

  1. verge says:

    No prob.
    I actually kinda like most of the lyrics on here, but the beats are friggin awesome.
    Thanks for the feedback.

    You'd be surprised at the money some people have to spend at will on vinyl like this, nowadays.
    This record sold earlier this year, at the same place, for $225. But I believe it usually fetches around $70, give or take a few, on ebay. When it shows up on ebay, that is.
    Funny you mention K-Otix, because this was sent out as a demo tape with the other side being a K-Otix EP.
    Check this-

  2. Travis says:

    Thanks man, I had heard about this and Kay even mentioned it when I did an interview with him earlier in the year. Good to finally see it emerge.

  3. adi says:

    thaks u info resep aceh

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