Rob Base vs. Audio Two

1987/ Audio Two – Top Billin’
“Stop scheming, and looking hard
I got a great big bodyguard
So step up if you wanna get hurt”

1988/ Rob Base – It Takes Two
“So let’s start, it shouldn’t be too hard
I’m not a sucker so I don’t need a bodyguard
I won’t fess, wear a bulletproof vest”

Was it just a coincidence or did Rob Base actually dis Milk D? Share your thoughts.

— Thomas V

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4 Responses to “Rob Base vs. Audio Two”

  1. Cenzi Stiles says:

    nah man.. I think that there were two mindsets. The whole "getto fabulous" meant that the dudes acted like if he had bodyguards, then he was top shit. While the flipside had "no sellout", which sadly counteracted the fact that Rob Base was better known for his top hits.

  2. Mathhattan says:

    i always assumed this to i mentioned it on some forums before.

    Sample Mentions

    Gangstarr-Sukers Need Body Guard

    Az-Chillin "I Got more then a Great big body guard some step up if you wanna get hurt"


    Nah, come on. I think this was purely coincidental. Also a waste of time lol. Who cares?

  4. Anonymous says:

    maybe that's why on the song Step off of on the road again

    it starts off with – i wanna rock right now
    needle scratch….no ya don't

    so milk probably thought he was getting dissed


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