Midnight Run Recap

As the orange leaves crackle beneath your crispiest kicks, peep some of the highlights of the autumnal harvest:

From D.A.I.S.Y. To Da Mad Face: De La begat Onyx? It might’ve been.

Yo, Dre, Stick To Producin’: Sometimes investigative reporting leads to a different perspective. The truth is out there, and Cenzi ain’t afraid of no ghost producers.

The 90s Bay Area Obsession: Yay for The Yay.

The Best Of Big Twan: You might remember him from such collabo bangers as “8 iz Enuff.”

Sounds Like The 90s X: The “X” in the name makes it official.

New Jersey Underground Part 7:
We’re about to show the world what Jersey’s worth.

Brand Nubian – The Now Rule Files EP:
We heard these two kids talking about how the Nubian reign had fallen. SMH.

One Year Anniversary:
We’re just getting warmed up.

Free Nas’ “Deja Vu”: Chris Winston, give up the ghost!

Act like you know. Step into our center and you enter the winter.