MC Eiht – Straight Up Menace (Uncut)

You may own the Menace II Society OST, or even the Streiht Up Menace 12″ but I’m sure that no one has this version that I’m about to lace y’all with. The album version still has the explicit lyrics and everything but one thing that is being muted is when MC Eiht says the word “Japs” when he’s talking about the corner store being owned by the Japanese people. Straight ripped from the movie’s end credits where it’s only available, this rare version has the word “Japs” fully uncut. The word was definitely removed from the final version due to it being a racial stereotype but I’m sure that a lot of heads have been looking for this rare uncut version. So Enjoy,

“I’m kickin’ it with the homies and they got the straps

Off to the corner store, owned by the fuckin’ Japs


— Thomas V

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