An Open Letter To Chris Winston Regarding Nas "Deja Vu"

Chris Winston,

It has come to my attention via The Bridge ’94 blog that you are the producer of the classic unreleased Nas song “Dejavu.” It may seem odd to label an unreleased track as a classic but over the years, “Deja Vu” has earned this status. Despite the fact that only relatively lo-fi, unmastered versions have made it to listener’s ears, it is apparent to any rap fan that the song is a bonafide gem. Nas’ masterful lyrics combined with your perfectly suited sounds like heaven with a few hisses, so a higher quality version might well be the holy grail for us aging hip hop heads. I speak for the vast majority of our 1,100 subscribers (and thousands of other followers and assorted visitors) in saying that I’ve been fiending for a CD-quality version of this song for what seems like centuries.

It is unfortunate that shady business kept this song from seeing the light of day on a proper release. I understand that this experience must have been hugely frustrating. I also see how it could lead you to believe that there is little interest in the song itself. On this point I beg to differ. Nas’ unreleased and rarities catalogue is deep and has been extensively covered on the internet. There was even a popular blog devoted entirely to such songs. Time and time again, “Deja Vu” is mentioned as one of the shining stars of this unreleased catalog, the rough draft of what should have been a perfect album cut on It Was Written. Not only does the song include the verse that later appeared on “Verbal Intercourse,” it contains a second verse which is arguably even better (the “swimming pool/ sinning fool/ winning jewel” rhyme is some next shit). You produced a monumental song featuring one the genre’s most beloved rappers at his peak and it deserves to be heard – crisp and clear.

Do the right thing, Chris Winston – release a CD quality version of Nas “Dejavu.” Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pairs of ears eagerly await this.

— Thun, speaking on behalf of The T.R.O.Y. Team, and hip hop fans worldwide.

READERS: If you agree that “Deja Vu” should be released in CD quality format, you should do the following:

1) Respond to this post with a message showing support for the release of “Dejavu” in CD quality. To save time just type “RELEASE IT ALREADY”.

2) Retweet this post on Twitter, and link it on Facebook.

3) Get at Chris Winston himself: via Twitter (@chriswinston) or email (chris@chriswinston.com).

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  20. verge says:

    I deleted the 'anonymous' comment that had a zshare link because it was the exact version with J Love drops that we already have. And not the entire cut either.
    Didn't want anybody's hopes getting shit on.

  21. Markshot says:

    Release it already, CDQ mayne.

  22. rbrt_leeper aka Leeps or 4,5,6 says:

    The 1st time i heard this track was on J-Love's Best of nas mixtape. that was back in '05. and i must have jammed this song like 10x straight!! no bullshit!! i never had heard this before. Please Chris, Please release this in CDQ format, please! I will be blasting this song everyday on my way to school!! so…..Release It Already!!

  23. hungry says:

    release it already, along with that other track (or verse) you mention in that interview. pretty please?!

  24. Nasir Jones says:


  25. Matt says:


  26. Michael Berrin says:

    Release it.

  27. Faith Newman says:


  28. Chris says:

    As one of Nas' biggest fans and supporters since 1992, I can honestly say that having a CDQ version of this track is high on my music priority list. In fact, I would consider it my holy grail. I have searched the internet far and wide. The first time I heard this track was on a best of Nas J Love tape back in 1997. But I digress. The bottom line is that you have come this far in revealing the fact that you are the producer, you owe it to youself and to all of the Nas fans, and now Chris Winston fans, to release it, if only for the fact that your work should be appreciated in it's proper sonic context. Please, please, release it.



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  38. Magic Juan says:

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    please to step off dudes dick

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    any words from him by now?

  60. Shaun D. aka Wicked says:

    I've always assumed DEJA VU was recorded AFTER Illmatic cuz of the fact Nas even SAYS '95 in the song. But anyways, I really REALLY hope this song see's a proper release or at least the CDQ version leaked online in MP3 format.


  61. Anonymous says:

    what up. i agree w/ everything you said about this track – i do not know of an iller nas track and thats sayin alot, because i know em all and so many classics. of course everything he spit back then was fire. nas in his prime was the goat, i think, he had the smoothest, most intelligent rhymes ever, he made the streets come to life unlike anyone else, and lyrically illmatic remains the true pinnacle of hip-hop.

    Here is an excellent quality version of deja vu. Perhaps not quiiite cd quality, but very close, a big improvement over the one posted on youtube, and with no dj. only thing, at the beginning of the second verse,"blunts" is edited out, and the verse just starts "thugs & alcohol, what a mixture". the editing is good and you barely notice, but might be a little annoying if you know the song. so close to being perfect, too. hope you enjoy it.


    -Jimmy in NY

    PS – anyone know where to get a dirty version of escobar '97 or mobb deep's "mobb of steel" with no dj? i only got them on clue tapes

  62. Anonymous says:

    Damn listenin to deja vu again, amazed all over again. Its as ill as hip-hop gets, too many ill rhymes to list here.
    Here are couple more high quality versions of unreleased tracks available all over the internet in poor quality. I don't mind sharin em. the record companies cant say shit cuz their dum asses havent released them

    Nas Will Prevail – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JXCHTWV3
    – This was the illest thing I found on http://nas-jonesexperience.blogspot.com, an early version of It Ain't hard To Tell

    Nas Westwood Freestyle – http://rapidshare.com/files/291924644/Nas_-_Westwood_Freestyle__May__94_.mp3.html

    – Jimmy in NY

  63. Esteban says:

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