Juggaknots – Dopeness In Less Than 2 Minutes

All of us could agree that Juggaknots never succeed at the mainstream level, but their 1996 release was an underground hit, a true classic. When it was was re-released in 2003 with 11 additonal tracks (including some unfinished songs) their notoriety only grew, even though fame still eluded them.

Most will agree that these shorter songs are pure gold and wished that they were completed. Tracks like “Watch Ya Head (Remix)” or “Come Along” are pure gold, even better than some so called classics of that time. Breezly kills every verse.

01. The Hunt Is On

02. Watch Ya Head (Remix)

03. The Circle (Pt. II)

04. Come Along

05. A Rainy Saturday

06. Projections

07. Luvamaxin

08. Up At The Stretch Radio Show




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8 Responses to “Juggaknots – Dopeness In Less Than 2 Minutes”

  1. Anonymous says:

    all this talk about fame and mainstream success but the truth is breezly is one of the best spitters ever

  2. Krisch says:

    Wasn't "The Hunt Is On" already on the Fondle'em release? "Who Makes It Hot" with Adagio was also on the re-release

  3. AC The PD and The Real Djs Crew says:

    Yo f-ag … I would never try to report or take down your wack ass sorry Sounds Like The 90's comps … they prove that you are a phony … just like your love for gay-hop proves you are homo …

  4. hisp says:

    ^^^"wack ass" bla bla bla "fresh" bla bla bla
    its 2009, fag

  5. Anonymous says:

    i dont know what those two foos were talking about but breezly has a completely original style, and definitely doesnt get the respect he deserves. why hasn't this cat done more shit?

  6. verge says:

    Nice post. I always tell people to check their album from 2006.
    There's some filler on there, but it's 85% dope as hell. Cop it, seriously.

    Joints like "30 Something", "Movin' The Chains", and "Smile = modern day classics.
    Here's a link to preview and buy-

    And I'm pretty positive that Tony Bones had a verse(not just the chorus) on Luvamaxin. I'm pretty sure I had that on tape at one time.

    Anybody got?

  7. Broke says:

    Ayo Verge, I listen to that Luvamaxin joint all the time and always thought it cut off too soon…hopefully someone can rip a full version.

  8. Markshot says:

    That 2006 album i listen it with quickness, like in 3 min 🙁
    I didn't like probably because i was expecting something completely different, like all of us i guess.

    I want full versions of watch ya head remix and come along, if they exist.

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