The 90’s Bay Area Obsession

The 90’s Bay Area Obsession

I can remember it just like yesterday, my bedroom was draped in red and gold to match my Joe Montana poster that my mother had got framed for me to go with the room. She was good like that, always made sure her son always had coordination game on lock. It’s probably one of the reasons I’m real finicky today about matching colors. Life was good back then, the Oakland A’s were fresh off a World Series sweep against their cross-town rivals, the San Francisco Giants. My childhood idol Rickey Henderson was setting himself up for a career year, in which he later won his first and only MVP award.

At the time the biggest selling hip-hop album “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” was dominating the airwaves and officially put Oakland on the hip-hop map. Despite years of hustling by Todd Shaw, it wasn’t until Hammer’s success that Oakland started receiving national attention. I suppose selling 10 million records will do to a town. If you ask me every Bay Area rapper owes a debt of gratitude to MC Hammer.

At twelve you’re still very impressionable and I remember trying to memorize every lyric in D. U.’s Sex Packets album while listening in my bedroom. My room was filled with stacks of Playboys that were given to me by Hector, a 40-something Puerto Rican guy who used to do maintenance work in my apartment complex. Come to think of it, it’s disgusting to think that I even touched those magazines after Hector had his way with them. God bless Hector though, he always laced me with some of his KFC when he couldn’t finish it. Kinda disgusting to think about that too.

Even though I was obsessed with Playboy magazines back then, I still refused to grow up completely because I was still collecting baseball cards. Back then David Justice and Frank Thomas rookies (both former A’s players) were the most sought after cards and I remember starving myself at lunch just so I could use that money to cop packs of ‘90 Leaf.

Little did I realize most of these things were Bay Area related. Subconsciously I was forming a marriage with apart of California in which I’ve never visited growing up. As the years went on I noticed some of my favorite music came the Bay Area. You had Spice 1, Too $hort, The Coup, Mac Mall, JT The Bigga Figga, Ray Luv, Andre Nickatina, Dru Down, Mac Dre, Young Lay, Rappin’ 4-Tay, Celly Cell, The Luniz, E-40, Digital Underground and 2Pac just to name a few.

The production was also phenomenal because you had Ant Banks, Studio Ton, Mike Mosely, Sam Bostic and the forever underrated Khayree.

Below are some of my favorite tracks for this era. What are some of your favorite Bay Area artists? Albums? –Philaflava

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9 Responses to “The 90’s Bay Area Obsession”

  1. PAS says:

    Paris "Sleeping with the enemy" outshines all.

  2. Krisch says:

    Too Short – Get In Where You Fit In

  3. Anonymous says:

    celly cel – killa kali ftw

  4. takabeats says:

    i can listen to hiero's "3rd eye vision" any time of the day, no matter what mood i'm in. the format is priceless, with each member getting their own "m.e.t.h.o.d. man" moment.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i love me some bay area shit too.

  6. young_ says:

    Ray Luv– Forever Hustlin…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sacred Hoop – Retired

  8. verge says:

    Homeliss Derelix. I don't know if they count for this. But their mid, late 90's shit was illll.
    Basically, everything from Grand The Visitor is pretty great.
    Such a unique flow that guy had.
    I wonder if they're still doing shit?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love the bay. E-40 in a major way is CLASSIC. Andre Nickatina raven in my eyes gets heavy rotationn. Ray Luv Forever hustlin is a bay classic also. So many to choose from. Oh and Deltron 3030 the illest concept album EVER created

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