KRS-ONE: Def Jam destroyed Hip-Hop

I don’t know about you, but I can listen to Kris babble forever. “Forever and ever, and ever and ever.” This man has completely lost it and I don’t even know if he buys his own shit but I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t entertaining. –Philaflava

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5 Responses to “KRS-ONE: Def Jam destroyed Hip-Hop”

  1. Rogadomis says:

    Respect to KRS,…you have the right to say that,"Kris has completely lost it"…that's your opinion,but Kris is HipHop.Hiphop music is [contridictory]-it's about peace,then about war,then about love,then politics…an so on an so on…and so is KRS.He gets a lot of flack for saying what other rappers whisper in the shadows,because if tested by the opposition they bitch up or back down all together.
    But KRS can back it up,either in a debate or battle,live performance or otherwise"PREPARE TO BE SLAUGHTERED"!!! Once again,your opinion is yours duke,..and this is mine.Respect.

  2. Anonymous says:

    KRS has lost he my man but he lost it but you gotta respect a dude who speaks his mind

  3. House says:

    LOL, when did Kris' chiklets start taking over his face? This dood is way entertaining. Thaks for posting this, i would have never seen this shit. Thanks for the Nubian joints too.

  4. House says:

    Oh yeah, in your fav group poll, why was N.W.A left out? Wu? maybe you have a post on your site talking about this, and I missed it?

  5. verge says:

    @House- Heh. No prob for the Nubian joints. Enjoy.

    As far as the 'favorite groups' poll: I believe it's just a random grouping of groups. Like pick your favorite out of those particular ones.

    You know?

    And maybe the groups you mentioned, and more, will be included in a future poll similar to this.

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