Help A Blogger Out: 1997 Roc Marciano EP

The last one of these I did, didn’t yield much help at all. But I will continue to bother you because I trust in your never ending reservoir of hip hop knowledge.

This started out over a year ago, with me looking like an idiot in trying to describe this song in a request thread.
All I could remember was sampled singing that went,”yah, yah, yah-yahhh”, and a few random lines. I deduced that the name of the artist was Black Prophet and the song title was Extra Mile, and I was pretty wrong.
It was played on Bobbito a few times and so was a remix.

Well, almost a year ago, I found an old CD that had a bunch of random tracks from various radio shows on it.
I was in luck, but not 100%. I found what I always thought of as the remix to this song I was looking for.

Check it out, it’s ill:
“The Prophecy” Mix #2?

Okay, so now I post this mix in the requests, hoping it will help someone out there to recognize what I was looking for. Sure enough, within the day, a T.R.O.Y. poster and fellow former Stretch and Bobbito follower named mathematik, came through lovely.
He ripped the song with the “yah, yah, yah yahhh” sample in it straight from tape.
And he made a strong guess, that we all wound up agreeing on, that this was a young Roc Marciano from the UN.
The sound quality isn’t great, but it’s enough for you to recognize it if you heard it before.

Check it:
“The Prophecy” Mix #1?

Well, now we still had to confirm who it was and what exactly it was from. Being that Bobbito had played it in regular rotation, not in a “Demo Corner” type block, I guessed this had to be a vinyl. And there was two mixes so it was doubtful that this was a demo.
I decided to send these songs to Alkuttraz, from Crates Of AG, because of his deep knowledge on mid 90’s obscure vinyl. Sure enough he sends me back the answer I wanted:

Alkuttraz said-
“this is rocky marciano. it’s an ep from ’97 called noose productions volume 1. hella dope record.
side a is marciano and ox as ‘kuku productions’. track is called ‘the prophecy’ and has 3 different mixes.”

Awesome. Great. Done. Now the vinyl has to pop up on one of those uber rare VLS blogs, right?
But this week we got a little treat. New T.R.O.Y. forum poster, Sebastion Shaw, posted the third mix of this song which is another banger!
Props also to philosophic and bosmann for putting in work to get the quality better sounding on this one.

Peep it:
“The Prophecy” Mix #3?

And please keep your eyes open for this:
12″ Vinyl Title – Noose Productions EP
Artists – Marciano and Ox as Kuku Productions
Tracks – “The Prophecy” 3 mixes
Year – 1997
Thanks to mathematik, Quotashun, alkuttraz, Sebastion Shaw, philosophic, and bosmann.
Also thanks to aReal for almost finding a rip of the vinyl. But it was actually a kid who just took all the rips from T.R.O.Y. and posted them on youtube.
And also check the hyperlinks on the peoples’ names here. Most of them have good blogs that you might want to visit. And since summer is officially over, enjoy this unbelievably ill Roc Marcy cut, “Snow”.

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