DJ Premier – Originals

As the cover states, this is a continuous mix of funk & soul as sampled by DJ Premier. It also has some rock, jazz, fusion, and soundtrack cuts. And it’s actually divided into three lengthy tracks. Which is better, IMO, than the entire mix being on one track. No tracklist at all here. There’s a bunch of obvious samples that you probably already know. But don’t sleep, there are quite a few I never heard and they are treats. You should notice a few that were used by other producers, too.

Something strange about this CD, though. The same exact mix was released in 2002 as “Primo’s Bakery”. And there is no credit on either mix as to who mixed it. WTF?! Unless it was by Primo, himself, or somebody who wants to remain anonymous. I dunno, man.
On google, all the info I could find on “Primo’s Bakery” were places to download it and places to buy donuts and banana bread. The only info I could find on this release was the label to purchase it from, Boomkat.
Definitely worth a cop just for that bad ass cover. Too bad it’s not on vinyl. Not yet, at least.
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