Big L – The Best of The Rest

This compilation showcases a dozen varied highlights of non-album cuts and unreleased tracks by Big L. It spans from his first recordings in ‘92 to his last live show in ’98. Most blogs focus on the best of Big L. We’ve heard all those tracks but this time we’re focusing on the best of the rest. Tracks that don’t always get mentioned and some hard to come across. We’ve hand picked 12 tracks in their best quality and put together this compilation for you. Stay tuned for more collabos with The T.R.O.Y. Blog and BigLOnline but for now enjoy The Best of The Rest. –Philaflava

The T.R.O.Y. Blog & Big L Online Presents..
Big L: The Best of the Rest.

01. Big L – Devil’s Son ’98 (Live in Amsterdam)
02. Lord Finesse – You Know What I’m About (Original Version) ft. Big L
03. Big L – Principal of the New School
04. Big L – Unexpected Flava
05. The Children of the Corner (Big L, Herb McGruff, Murda Mase, Killa Kam & Digga)
– Hell Up in Harlem (Extended DJ Ron G Uptown Mix)
06. Big L – We Got This (Alternate Version)
07. Big L – Let Me Find Out
08. Liz Lucci – We All Can’t Ball ft. Big L & Richie Thumbs
09. Bootsie – Harlem N.Y.C. (Beats 2 Blow Remix) ft. Big L & Herb McGruff
10. DJ Ron G – Exclusive 2003 Shit ft. Big L
11. Big L – Now or Never
12. Stephen Simmonds – Alone (Original Version) ft. Big L & Marquee

Concept and title by: Jason Gloss of Philaflava.
Cover and execution by: TheBigSleep of Big L Rarities (and BigLOnline).
Quality: Half are 192 / CBR and half are V2 / VBR. (65 MB for a dozen MP3s.)
Duration: Forty five minutes, forty seconds.

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Track Info:

01. Recorded October 8th, 1998 for the Fat Beats Amsterdam Party (with Andre the Giant and Roc Raida on stage as well).
02. The first song L ever recorded. When he was seventeen, 1992. Unreleased (because Finesse wasn’t allowed to put anyone on who wasn’t signed to a label) until it was put it on From the Crates to the Files in 2003.
03. The first solo song L ever recorded, also in 1992, before Devil’s Son. The first verse was used on Stretch & Bobbito that year but the rest went unheard until Finesse put it out last year on Rare Selections EP Vol. II.
04. Given to DJs but unreleased tag free (without voiceovers) until last year when Finesse put it out on Rare Selections EP Vol. I. ’91 Finesse remix instrumental beat for Large Pro, unused by Warner Bros., L’s vocals added in ’93 but deemed too outdated for Lifestylez.
05. Unreleased Ron G mix not included on the 2005 Children of the Corn Collector’s Edition CD (features all of The Children of the Corner except Bloodshed).
06. Part of this was used for The Triboro, unheard in it’s entirety until 2005’s The Archives, put out by Finesse.
07. Bootleg that surfaced within the last couple years. From the mixtape Classic Whites: The Illest White Labels Vol. I. Unknown year, production, source and origin.
08. ’98 vinyl single only release. Liz Lucci also went by the name Big Zil.
09. ’98 vinyl single only release.
10. 2003 Ron G Mixtape release, Da Thriller Blends. (Available in full on Recognize the Real: http://recogthereal.blogspot.com/2009/03/ron-g-da-thriller-blends.html )
11. Recorded in ’96 for L’s second Columbia LP, The Big Picture. The first time that album was given a name. Unreleased until 2005’s The Archives.
12. Recorded in ’97. Limited edition vinyl release.

Don’t forget to check out Big L Rarities.

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10 Responses to “Big L – The Best of The Rest”

  1. aREAL says:

    Great one! Thanks!

  2. bobfarmer136 says:

    Nice post, I would urge anyone with an interest in Big L to check out the rarities site it is the most thorough site I have seen on any one artist.

  3. verge says:

    Niiiice. Good job on the mix.
    Downloading now.

  4. The Big Sleep says:

    @ aREAL and Verge, thanks for checkin' it out guys.

    Thanks for the shout out Bob, I have to agree, even though I'm obviously biased. If you want more rare and exclusive Big L (whether it be pictures, audio, video, interviews, news or information), Big L Rarities and BigLOnline are the places to check out for sure.

  5. The Big Sleep says:

    Oh and by the way, people think he came up with that Devil’s Son ’98 verse later on, but he actually originally wrote four verses for the song and that one got cut. So in a way it’s like the lost fourth verse.

    “Now check it out, I got this song right? This shit dropped like ‘bout five years ago…when I was a little nigga right? But this verse never came out and shit, so I’m a kick this remix shit for y’all, y’all probably never heard it. You heard the beat though, but I’m a switch the rhymes. Throw that shit on…” ~ Big L live in Amsterdam, October 8th, 1998

  6. The Big Sleep says:

    Oh and that Let Me Find Out song is from '97, I remembered that earlier today.

  7. Krisch says:

    I think I got all of them, but thanks for those great liner notes!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Still bumpin this.

  9. Tim says:

    I haven't downloaded this, but I love that you did this and that you wrote about each song. Have you done this with any other artists?

  10. The Big Sleep says:

    Me personally? Nah, I'm strictly a Big L specialist for the most part. Glad you enjoyed the write up though. If I knew that'd be such a hit I would've spent more time on it. Peace.

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