Positive K – A Good Combination (Kan Kick Remix) 1995


I first heard this version on a random remix compilation that was posted on WYDU in ’07. I had the song in constant rotation but I never knew where it was from and when it was made. Since I knew that it wasn’t on Positive K’s first album The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills“, I though to myself, could he had released it on 12”.. maybe in ’95? I tried to do some research but nothing came out. A couple months after that, a Positive K compilation Back to the Old School” was released on CD. I immediately saw “A Good Combination” on the tracklist. Once I got my hands on the CD, I immediately skipped to the track, and guess what? It wasn’t the same version that I knew. I was really dissapointed even though I had just heard the original ’89 version. So after that, I though that it was probably just a homegrown remix. Finally, a couple weeks ago, I found that “remix” version on youtube labeled as the Kan Kick Remix. It was from Side B of DJ Babu’s Comprehension Mixtape from 1995. I immediately went to download it and when i heard it, all that searching was finally over. I cut the part from Side B and labeled it as a single mp3. It was in a way better quality than the one I had way back.. I can’t even listen to the original when I hear this remix. The original seems too plain compared to the Kan Kick version.


— Thomas V

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