DJ Mark The 45 King – The Lost Breakbeats Vol.1 &2 (1993)

Here we have The Lost Breakbeats: The Album by DJ Mark The 45 King released in 1993. This is a rare record to own. I’ve seen other breakbeats 12″ by 45 King but never this one, I was surprised when I found it at my local record shop. There’s also some vocals from original Flavor Unit member “Double J”. Enjoy,


— Thomas V

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3 Responses to “DJ Mark The 45 King – The Lost Breakbeats Vol.1 &2 (1993)”

  1. Krisch says:

    Thanks! Has this the same versions as this 1990 release on Tuff City?:


  2. Anonymous says:

    wow.. same titles except different years & the vinyl label. It sounds more 1993 than 1990 to me. I didn't know about that '90 release.

    — Thomas V

  3. verge says:

    You can never tell with discogs. It's user submitted information.
    It may be either year.
    Dope upload, though, thanks.

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